Monday, August 02, 2010

Sunday Splash

Before bed on Saturday night I updated my Facebook status stating that if anyone was interested in going for Sunday brunch they should call and wake me up in the morning. 

Tiffaney did! :)

We had a few ideas of where to go but figured they would all be crazy busy.  As we drove up Johnson Street I realized that I’ve noticed Demitasse a dozen times since I’ve been back but I always forget about going there.  Just as I mentioned it we found a parking spot!  So Demitasse it was. 


The menu was so good neither one of us could make an easy decision on what to order.  All I said was “why haven’t we always been coming here?!!” 

It’s a funky place with local art on the walls and mismatched coffee cups on the tables.


I had narrowed my options down to three or four menu items…thankfully when our server came over he saw our distress and offered to tell us his favourites.  One of his recommendations was on my short list so that is what I chose.  In fact, Tiff chose the same thing.  :)

Heuvos Demitasse.  (I can’t seem to find their website…perhaps because they are under new management…so my description is probably lacking…)  Baked tortilla with cheddar cheese and black beans, topped with roasted veggies and spicy chorizo.  Topped with fresh salsa, sour cream, tomato slices and sunny side egg. 


I ordered my egg over-medium as I’m not a super fan of runny yolk.  When he brought our order our server suggested their homemade hot sauce should be added to the dish.  Yum!!


We were both stuffed when we waddled out the door.  Demitasse is definitely on our list for future weekend brunches. 

Afterwards we decided just to do a little shopping in the mall.  On our way out I grabbed an Iced Coffee for a refreshing afternoon pick me up.


There may or may not be a cookie in that little bag. 

After dropping Tiff off for her afternoon plans I decided to head down to the waterfront and check out what was going on for Symphony Splash.

I spent a little time with James Dean playing tourist.

IMG_8532 IMG_8537IMG_8535 IMG_8563 IMG_8544  IMG_8551 IMG_8555

It was still early but thousands off people lined the waterfront, the grounds of the legislature, the sidewalks, and the closed off streets watching the afternoon musical events on the barge.  I listened to the military band perform while I wandered.

IMG_8556 IMG_8557 

After a while I caught up with some friends and we decided to find a patio to enjoy what was left of the sun with a few cold beverages.  We found a table at Swiftsure Lounge which offers a nice patio with reasonably decent food.  Not sure why but Bud Light Lime caught my eye. 


We sat long enough that the dinner hour arrived so I ordered up some fish and chips.  Again with the lack of veggies.  I guess I need to double up on salads and workouts this week.  :)


Not the best fish and chips ever, but it still hit the spot.

After dinner we walked back to the main festivities where the Victoria Symphony was just getting under way.  Originally I had wanted to see this part and stay until the fireworks at the end but the weather had really cooled off and we were all freezing.  We stopped for a coffee from one of the tents but as we kept walking we all just decided we were done for the day…so home it was.

Sitting here I could actually hear the finale cannons go off so I went and looked and sure enough I could see a few of the fireworks through the tree from my deck!  I wasn’t fast enough to get a photo, but I was very happy to catch the glimpse.  I heart fireworks!!

No holiday Monday for me, but HAPPY BC DAY to my fellow BCers…and HAPPY NATAL DAY to my lovely Nova Scotians…and HAPPY WHATEVER HOLIDAY to anyone else enjoying a lovely long weekend.

Welcome August.  Whoa.

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Amy @ForDGRedial said...

I can't help but feel that brunch is a gift from the Gids. It should be held on the same pedalstall as coffee, sauvignon blanc and mascara. :o)

Amy x

Laura said...

Bud Light Lime, yummo.

Amy @ForDGRedial said...

Oh my - I meant Gods...not Gids haha

Anonymous said...

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