Monday, August 23, 2010

Thai at Home

Lately I've been craving Thai food like nobody's business. Specifically I have really been wanting to scarf down a bowl of Red Curry all by myself....nom nom nom!!

But since I already ate out this weekend and I am attempting to be kinder to my wallet these days I decided to tackle my craving at home.  I already have chicken and coconut milk on hand so really all I needed was the curry and any add-ins.  As luck would have it, I even picked up fresh Thai basil at the Moss Street Market on Saturday.

I am not crazy enough to think I can make my own curry from scratch (mucho ingredients and time I'm just not willing to put in!) so I picked up this little packet at the market...


The package gives a few options of meats and I chose to use chicken, apples, tomatoes and basil.  Other ideas were pineapple and/or red grapes.  I would also think that some Chinese eggplant would be deeeelish as that is what often comes in a restaurant serving.


The cooking process is dead simple.  Heat some oil in a bigass skillet.  Add curry paste and half your coconut milk.  Cook for 3 minutes.


Add chopped up chicken breast.  Cook for 5 more minutes.  Add fruit (I also added lots of chopped basil here) and remainder of coconut milk.  Bring to boil and let simmer.


That's it.  You are done.

I served it over brown rice with a side of sautéed zucchini for an extra veggie serving.  I would have liked to just sit down with a spoon and the whole pan of curry but alas my waistline might disagree with that option!

IMG_9228 IMG_9232 IMG_9236IMG_9239

Very enjoyable for a "cheater" meal!  Curry paste and coconut milk will remain staples in the pantry for sure.  I'm also intrigued by the pineapple option...yes please!

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Angie All The Way said...

Oh wow that looks so YUM! Lordy! Definitely looks like it came straight from the restaurant.

April Lee said...

that looks so good..

April Lee said...

that looks so good..

Jessica said...

Mmmm I make the same stuff often, it's so good. And I love that it's just mild!! Some curries are too SPICY!

Anonymous said...

Curry paste and coconut milk are staples in my kitchen! I LOVE red curry, and its amazing how easy it is to make when you have those little packets eh?

Shirls said...

man does that look yummy! today I tried one of those healthy choice steamer bowls for lunch, Thai Chicken Curry - I love a good curry but on another note, not the greatest choice for work lunch, too much stink ;0) LOL

Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

Mmm, I must make Thai at home soon!

Carol said...

Watched Chef Michael Smith make Thai Curry (I am addicted to the Food Network) and he uses the coconut milk as the oil. Of course, he only uses the "good stuff" no reduced fat for him, but it was dead simple. Heat the whole can of milk in the wok, adding the curry once the water boils off. Then the rest of the stuff as normal. Way delicious!

And now I am in the mood for a curry. Mmmmm...