Monday, August 02, 2010


On Saturday I decided that it would be fun to check out a Victoria event I have never attended before.  (OK, actually I thought it would be fun to tag along with Tiffaney and do something I might not otherwise do…hehe.)  Victoria Electronic Music Festival!

After a nice sleep-in to recover from Friday night’s impromptu fun-fest it was nice to meet up with my friend Mikey for coffee and a quickie Starbucks breakfast.  Triple grande vanilla non-fat latte and the classic sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sammich…

IMG_9987 IMG_9988 IMG_9989

I know, I know.  No fruit or anything healthy.  Forgive a girl for her morning after breakfast.  :)

A little later we picked up Tiffaney and headed for the Festival.  Lots of people watching, dancing, chatting, and generally having a great time. 

IMG_9994IMG_0001 IMG_9991 IMG_9993 

Me and Mikey…

IMG_9995 IMG_9998  IMG_0002

I don’t know DJs much but I do like a good beat and a fun time.  It was pretty cool to see tourists, local club kids, families, and just random everyday folks hanging out enjoying a good time.

Around 6pm Mikey headed off to meet his wife so I took the opportunity to run home for a bit to rest my sore hip/leg and change my clothes for the evening.  I also grabbed a light dinner to save me from spending more money.  :)


Leftover chicken salad with wheat crackers plus baked sweet potato fries with buttermilk “batter”.


Still trying to recreate a restaurant quality sweet potato fry…but it’s tough without deep frying.  I simply splashed with buttermilk, salt, pepper, cinnamon and a bit of flour to form a “paste”…then baked on a very sprayed baking sheet at 425 degrees for 15 minutes.  Turned the fries then finished off under the broiler for 5 minutes (watch carefully!).  They still weren’t crispy but the buttermilk was a nice flavour with the sweet potatoes and cinnamon.

On my way back out the door I grabbed a granola bar for dessert.  Kashi Pumpkin Pie.


Back at the festivities the sun was just setting.  I joined my friends for a beer in the beer garden but I didn't much care for the one I ordered so I abandoned it half way through.  Plus it got freaking cold!  So Tiff and I joined the crowd and did some dancing.  At least 5 degrees warmer in amongst all of the people.


See my devil horns?  ;)

After the festival let out for the evening we wandered off to see about getting into one of the clubs for the after-party shows.  Of course we didn’t bother getting wrist bands so our idea wasn’t too bright!  haha.  Instead we decided to head straight to a house party which turned out to be incredibly fun!

House party with it’s own line up of fabulous DJs?  Yes please!

On the way there I needed a sugar buzz so I stopped for a small Froster and a chocolate bar.  Odd I know but I wasn’t drinking and wanted to keep up with my partying friends! 

Tiff and I danced for well over an hour at the party before I decided that my hip had enough action for the day and decided to sit out for a while.  Around 1:30am it was late enough for this old gal and dragged myself home to bed.  It’s been a long time since I invoked my inner club-kid.  Too fun!

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Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

Looks like a fun time, I love those devil horns! ;)

The only way I was ever able to get sweet potato fries crispy was when I pan fried them with coconut oil.

H-woman said...

The devil horns are cute! I like 'em!

I get the best oven fries when I use the convection roast function on my oven...


Lainey said...

I was just curious...was one of the DJs "Sherry Freeze?" I went to school with her. I know she's over in that area somewhere (well, she's in Vancouver, I think, but that's not far). Just curious.

Sarah L. said...

Hey Jamie! I've found that the key to crispy sweet potato fries is cutting them veeeerrry thinly. I just douse mine with olive oil and lots o herbs. Yum!