Monday, August 30, 2010

Waffle Weekend

Wanna know how to maintain your extra weight? 

Eat savoury waffles twice in one weekend!

On Saturday I met up with friends Mikey and Charmaine to wander around the Lower Johnson Street Festival.  It was a gorgeous, hot day and there were tons of people out and about checking out all of the sidewalk sales, fundraising events, and street food.


I had intended on finally trying out a meal from the Puerto Vallarta Taco Truck but when the time came I really wanted a sit-down meal so asked if my companions would mind checking out Lady Marmalade instead.


This funky little cafe has been on my "must visit" brunch list since I got back to Victoria so I was glad for the impromptu stop.  They had some tables out on the sidewalk for the festival but I didn't want to sit and sunburn while we ate so instead we chose a table inside.  We sat near the window and a fan because it was crazy toasty in there!

IMG_9459 IMG_9461 IMG_9464

I had a little trouble deciding on my eats because everything on the menu looked super delicious.  Since I hadn't really had breakfast I opted for a heartier brunch choice...

aged white cheddar & spinach waffles w/ smokey tomato-orange cream,
scallions, bacon, roasted tomatoes & a salad.


I have no words.

IMG_9458 IMG_9456

Nom. Nom. Effing. Nom.

Crispy, cheesy, deliciousness drenched in a rich, tomato cream sauce.  Um, yes please!  Top it with perfectly cooked, meaty bacon.  Holy yum!  This here was heaven on a plate.  I would be hard pressed to try anything else on their menu because I will be dreaming of this decadent mess for weeks to come.

Oddly enough I ended up having savoury waffles for Sunday brunch as well!  My friend Ingmarie has been away in Germany for a few weeks and we needed to catch up!  So off to Lucy’s in the Square we went.


So many fabulous little restaurants and cafes have opened since I moved away…it’s so fun to visit them all now that I’m home.  Smile 

Lucy’s has a much smaller, but very impressive menu.  A casual little bistro atmosphere.  I knew before we arrived that I wouldn’t be able to pass up their waffles.  Waffles on the brain I suppose!


crispy bacon waffles topped with brie and served with apple/pecan salad and warm maple syrup.

Seems to me that my pecans were on my waffle and their was no apple in that salad, but I didn’t notice until I just re-read the menu.  Smile  All good.


These waffles were lighter and chewier (in the best possible way!) than the waffles I enjoyed on Saturday.  The slightly melty brie mixed with the drizzles of maple syrup I added as I ate my way through the plate was truly fabulous.  I did my best to make sure each of those little waffle pockets contained some cheese, some syrup and a piece of pecan.  Smile 

A creamy cafe au lait to go with my meal…


And the cutest homemade blueberry corn muffins were brought in a little paper bag to the table while we waited for our meals. 


I would go back and eat these waffles over and over again!  When did Victoria become a waffle capitol?   Ingmarie’s Smoked Tuna Benny was pretty phenomenal too though, so I might need to get my own next time.  Decisions!!

Probably a good thing I gave my waffle maker away before I moved, or we might have a slight addiction on our hands over here!!

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Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

I've never heard of savory waffles before... but OMG, definitely looks like something I need to try! ;) That one from Lady Marmalade looks especially delish!

Jessica said...

There are two other new waffle places in town as well! West Coast Waffles (organic) has a new storefront location on Broad between Yates and The Bay Centre. There's also one that popped up in Market Square,

Jaime said...

I've been following WannaWafel on Twitter for a while...he also has a mobile stand that moves around downtown and events!

Mike and Hof both told me about West Coast Waffles. Oddly enough I don't usually care about waffles...I think it's because these were fancy savoury versions. :)

Jessica said...

I've heard West Coast Waffles does savoury one too. Silly of me... I should just check it out since it's right downstairs form my office!