Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All Skyped Out

Apparently I need to wash dishes because my trusty new Vegas mug wasn’t prepared for my morning jolt.  And lord knows I can’t possibly wash a dish before getting caffeinated.


Maybe I should have freed up a bit more time this morning though because that was the last I saw of my kitchen until around 2:40.  I got caught up on Skype calls for work for literally my entire day.  I actually missed a call because I had to step away and make lunch before I started eating my Post-it notes.


Spinach, tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad.  Drizzled with olive oil, balsamic, fresh pepper and coarse salt.


What I wouldn’t have given for fresh basil!

With more of those deeeeelish bagel chips (soon to achieve “crack chip” status) with crack hummus.  I think I have issues.


After lunch I was DYING for a latte but I am trying desperately to break the $5 habit so I made a pot of coffee instead.  Shocking.  It worked.  :)

Helpful in keeping the snacky sweet tooth at bay was also the additional Skype time.  I was back on there for another couple of hours.  Insane.  Time for a cordless headset me thinks.

If I hadn’t still been in my pj’s (yes all day!) take-out or drive thru may very well have made the menu…but since I was too lazy to put on real clothes I sucked it up and concocted dinner here.


Red lettuce, carrots, celery, red onion, walnuts, Craisins, white wine vinegar and honey…


With dill & asiago scrambled eggs and multigrain Silver Hills toast.


Beat that, drive thru! :)

Sadly the sweet craving never went away.  Happily I have been hoarding these Coconut M&M’s since my first day in Vegas.


Danger, Danger!!  The pretzel ones really did nothing for me, but these coconut ones are freaking deeeeeelish.  Seriously wishing I’d brought more than one stingy little packet home. :(


That’s right, my friends bought Coach purses as their souvenirs and I came home with a Starbucks mug and American candy. 

Typical. ha!

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Lindsay {Designer Wife} said...

That salad looks amazing and WHY hasn't anyone told me about coconut M&M's?!?!? Sounds amazing :)

Lady J said...

I "love" your new photo!!!

Shirls said...

your replacement mug is sooo pretty though ;) I've never heard of coconuts m&ms, not a fan of coconut but I still totally would have bought them - just cause you've got to - I mean really? coconut m&ms = cool.

If you are going to spend your day on the phone, you need a headset! no point in adding a neck crick issue to the bum pain...

love your new profile picture!

JavaChick said...

Coconut M&M's!!!! I don't really get all that excited about M&M's, but those I would like to try.

Did you go to that giant M&M's store in in Las Vegas?

Lainey said...

The dill and asiago scrambled eggs sound interesting. Were they good? The most "unusual" ingredient I've ever added to scrambled eggs myself is truffle salt (which is good).

I just noticed you have a new picture on the side! That's a great picture of you! You look so happy, friendly, and welcoming. :o)

I've seen the pretzel M&M's here but I don't get the pretzel and chocolate thing, but coconut sounds like something I'd like to try! Did they have other unique M&M flavours, too?

Jaime said...

Totally good Lainey...I don't think either of those ingredients are "unusual". Dill and cheese is a pretty classic combo! And cheeeeese goes with eggs anytime!

Thanks for the compliment!

I just got those M&M's at the 7-11...didn't need to go anywhere special. Those were the only two flavours I saw. The pretzels were OK but the candy coating kind of overpowered the idea.