Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brittany S Pearce

This mug may make regular appearances as it’s just the right size.  Oddly it is slightly larger than most of my other Starbies city mugs.


I thought it seemed like another oatmeal kind of day…


Today with banana, PB & Supercrack.


Turns out it was like Summer around here today!  I should have made a cold and delicious smoothie!  By 1pm I was off wandering down the street enjoying the sun and an Iced Latte.  I enjoyed it’s healing powers so much I failed to take a pic. :)

Light lunch (aka: too lazy to make salad)…leftover tuna and bagel chips.


Pre-yoga apple snack…


But then I missed yoga.  I didn’t allow enough time for traffic and by the time I arrived I could see class had already started.  I refused to be one of those arseholes that show up 3 minutes after practice has started so I left. (Note to self: bring gym appropriate footwear next time so I can at least do a regular workout).

Instead I came home and tried to take pics of my new paint.  Which I love!!  With the fabulous new white trim and architraves everything now pops.  The paint makes even my dingy carpet look better.


Photos don’t do it justice…the colour is probably somewhere between these two shots.  Main living room wall and end dining room wall painted with the feature colour.  (Martha Stewart: Bay Leaf)


The rest of the living space (dining room, living room, hallway) are painted the neutral. (Martha Stewart: Buckwheat)


Previously the doors all had 1970s crappy trim which was painted out to match the plain jane walls and doors.  The window and closets didn’t have trim at all.  It makes a HUGE difference!

I only wished I had enlisted Lisa and Kornel to do more!!  Now I want all of my renos done IMMEDIATELY!

The salad that should have appeared for lunch showed it’s face for dinner…


In the big silver bowl: red lettuce, baby spinach, carrots, celery, strawberry tomatoes and a drizzle of leftover ranch dressing…


Served alongside a grilled turkey smokie…


A smokie always makes for such lame food porn. :-s

After watching Brittany play Britney (“Finn can fly?”) it was dessert time.  Coconut Liberte with Kashi Honey Almond Flax.  Nom.


I think maybe a yoga podcast is on the agenda for tonight.  I really ought to make up for my bad time management…and keep this snack monster at bay!  Or maybe I’ll just surf the Home Depot website looking for new closet doors… tee hee.

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Shirls said...

So did you like Brittany as Britney? I did, I thought she did an amazing job, and the dance moves! wow who knew she had those in her? I like that we are starting to see some of the more background players being brought into the spotlight, after all they all must have some amazing talent to be on the show.

Also I have to say I love the new colour, the green is beautiful

Anonymous said...

Wow ... the paint looks absolutely amazing - I love it! I haven't watched Brittany as Brittany yet but it's waiting for me on PVR!