Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dough Overload

For some reason I woke up Sunday morning with a hankering for pizza.  I had a very small window of time but managed to whip up a batch of dough before carrying on with my day.


Pioneer Woman has a dead-easy basic pizza dough recipe.  So easy I managed to read it wrong and landed up with a double batch!  haha.  That says 1 teaspoon OR 1/2 packet of yeast…which I read as 1 packet.


Good thing pizza dough freezes well.  Four whole pizza crusts is a bit much for a single gal!

Good excuse to bring down the Kitchen Aid mixer and have a little fun…


I was worried it was going to be a snow storm in the kitchen!  Eight cups of flour is about all this baby can handle!


We got through it though!


The dough rose while I was out wandering around a sheep field eating my face off.


Got myself enough dough for four lovely pizza pies (or one motherin’ huge family meal…if your oven is down with that!).


Now the fun part…what shall I top my doughy goodness with?

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H-woman said...

I say go veggie:
- 'shrooms
- spinach
- zuke
- peppers
- onion
- Yves veggie pepperoni
- olives

And top with Kraft Italiano shredded 4 cheese blend (the emmenthal makes it, I think!).


jaime said...

Great minds think alike! I just pulled out our frozen pizza dough this morning for tonight's dinner. Might add spinach to our pizza. Nothing crazy.

Do you use whole wheat flour (or have you tried it?)

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Impressive, Jaime! You could learn to fling the dough in the air, since it looks like you have some to spare (just in case some drops accidentally). :)

Amanda said...

I've never made pizza dough! And did you just freeze it in a ball like that? I might have to try to make it. I love my kitchen aid mixer!!

Anonymous said...

I think you should top it with fried eggs - that's been seen a lot in the blog world recently!