Monday, September 20, 2010

Feast of Fields–Vancouver Island–Part One


Feast of Fields - a gourmet wandering harvest festival - is FarmFolkCityFolk's annual fundraising event. With a wine glass and linen napkin in hand, you can taste the very best of BC from chefs, vintners, brewers, farmers, fishers, ranchers and food artisans from [all over the island]… Feast of Fields highlights the connections between producer and chef, field and table, and farm folks and city folks. Feast of Fields is a gastronomic journey towards a sustainable, local food system.”

In our case, it was a fun event for food loving friends to enjoy on a sunny September Sunday (thankfully!!! it was pouring just hours before the feast). 

My partners in gastronomic crime:  Tiffaney, Ingmarie and Alex


There are three feasts around the province…the island’s was held at Parry Bay Sheep Farm in Metchosin (my old stomping ground!) this year.


We spent over three hours wandering the field from tent to tent, tasting every little morsel, sip, and bite.  Chefs, cooks, and bakers from all over the island offered probably hundreds of creative and delicious items for us to fill our tummies.


A foodie dream!  And moreover…a food paparazzi dream!  Never have James Dean and I felt more welcome.  :)


Three hundred photos were taken between bites…hence the three part series.  Enjoy the scenery (we did!) and check back soon for drool worthy eye candy that will have you looking to buy your ticket for next year.


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Alex said...

"Enough meat to choke a dog."

Christy said...

Looks like a gorgeous venue and you guys had great weather for it. I'm looking forward to the next 2 parts :)

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

Such a beautiful setting for the event. Can't wait to see the rest. :)