Thursday, September 09, 2010

Peachy Keen

Dessert for breakfast?  Don’t mind if I do!


I was thinking about it and this Buttermilk Cobbler isn’t really all that bad nutritionally.  There is no added sugar…the top is all fresh fruit…and the doughy bottom is probably no worse than a small scone or English muffin.


It was even better after a night in the fridge.  I reheated it in the oven.  Dense, chewy, fruity and deeeelish!  (I liked these pictures so much I’ve gone back and added one to the recipe post!)

Becki told me to pair my French Pressed Kenya coffee with something fruity…so I did!


There was one leftover Red Haven peach after baking last night so I decided to make it the star of my lunch salad…


Same salad I’ve been making all week: red leaf lettuce, sunflower sprouts, green onions, gorgonzola and honey balsamic dressing.  Today with peaches and almonds.


Crackers and hummus for crunch and added protein.


Finished up the rest of my peach later in the afternoon.


At the end of my work day I decided to take a “quick” nap.  Yet again I’m exhausted (for no apparent reason) and thought it would help refresh me before heading out to yoga.  I did set my alarm but it didn’t matter.  Slept right through it and didn’t wake up until my class had already started.  That’s twice I’ve done that!!

So instead I just stayed curled up with my blankie (apparently I need it) and eventually heated up Cheesy Pasta for dinner…


And followed it up with a cold slice of cobbler.  Oh my lordy!  It’s actually better cold!  nom.


Techie NoteHas anyone else downloaded the Windows Live Beta package?  I was complaining on Twitter about my old version of Windows Live Writer constantly crashing and losing saved links and someone from their techie support helped me out by letting me know about the Beta.  Holy awesome!!  I’m loving the added photo editing options in Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Talk about easy to use!  Exposure adjustments are just a mouse click away.  WLW is much better too.  Go get it!

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I Love Your Whole Face said...

The cobbler and the pasta look num num nummies!

Healthy Entrepreneur said...

How much do I LOVE your blog and pictures? SO SO cute! You got me. I'm a follower. It's like warm, home, goodness, blanket.

Shirls said...

have I ever told you how much I love your plates, especially that last one - I want it :0)