Saturday, September 18, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Whoooooa.  Wednesday was my last post?  Well shiz. 

Here’s some yummy looking photos I have taken over the last couple of days but apparently didn’t make time to share!


Pretty, yet disappointing final peach of the season.


Dark and delicious Kicking Horse coffee.


Blueberry, banana and spinach smoothie.


Spinach salad kickin’ it old school.


Boiled egg, crispy bacon, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, and creamy dressing.


Favourite take-out.  Delicado’s.  Southwest chicken roll-up.  Droooool.


I took a small vacay from the land of food paparazzi yesterday and today.  Oddly enough I had some really interesting opportunities that would have been great for the blog, but I decided that enjoying a few meals camera-free was the way to go.  Just means I’ll have to try to get back to those good photo-ops again soon.

Stress-free time including an organic cafe, farmer's market, Trader Joe’s loot, home style lunch, and good friends. Pretty excellent way to spend a Saturday wouldn’t ya say?  :)

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Anonymous said...

That peach looks so delicious, sorry it wasn't as yummy.

Oh Trader Joe's, how I love you so! I wish they have them up here! I think we need to start a petition.

Laura said...

Its ok to have time off, enjoy yourself!