Monday, September 06, 2010

PNE 2010 – Part One


Even though I grew up just a short ferry ride away somehow I’ve never been to Playland or the PNE!  Weird I know.  I’ve never been big on rides and I guess our trips to the mainland never coincided with the Exhibition each year.

So when I happened to mention it to Cat and she told me she tries to go every year I was pretty excited and invited myself to join her. *tee hee*


Cat, Breanne and Chris planned for us to head into the city early so we could find decent parking and be ready to rock when the gates opened.  Our timing was perfect, and although we waited with a large crowd to get in the place was actually quite deserted when we were allowed in.


Cat and I only got passes for the park, but Breanne and Chris had plans to do all of the crazy rides.  Watching them was enough to make me pee my pants!

They were the first riders of the day on Drop Zone….it’s kind of a super extreme bungee jump sort of thing.  The blood curdling scream that came from Breanne when that elastic let go was enough to make your arm hair stand up.


If that wasn’t enough they went on Revelation - this crazy propeller thing that spun, flipped, turned and flung them at warp speed.  Insanity I tell you.


Later in the day they also hit up the Hellavator which doesn’t look quite as scary but goes freaking fast. Just watching them made my stomach flip.


They did a bunch of others too, but those are main ones that freaked me out!! 

The crowd built quickly!


For a little tamer experience we visited Farm Country where we learned about bees…


and saw the oxen.  Nice bum, where ya from?!


We learned about baby cows and saw a milking demonstration.  This little fella has some love on his head!


We tried to watch the Lumberjack Show but it started out really slow and boring so we lost interest and wandered off.  It was next to this odd art exhibit…all inside cargo containers…not sure what we made of it.


I think my favourite part may have been the Marketplace!  I didn’t even know this part existed!!  A whole exhibit hall filled with crazy-ass products.  As seen on TV – now seen in person. Soooo fun. 

Nothing in particular I wanted to buy at the time but I am now kicking myself for not at least asking how much an iPig was.  Cute and functional!


Lookie what was there though!!  Vitamix.  Not that I need a $400 blender but I knew y’all would think it was cool. 


And the super duper sharp kitchen knife folks had fun veggie sculpture!


In the afternoon Tarilyn came along to meet us.  This girl and I have been internet friends for years now so it was sooooo nice to finally meet her in person!!  We wandered through the carnival playing a few games trying to win an ugly stuffed toy, but no luck!! 


While Bre and Chris continued to induce puke on a few more rides us gals wandered through the sand castle competition statues, got a cold drink and sat to rest our feet for a while.


After about six hours of fun in the sun we decided it was time to take our sugar filled selves on home.  Next year I swear I’ll need to book a week off work to make sure I see everything there is to see.  I think the trick is to take a mid-day nap in the car, then go back for the night time fun!!

Part Two coming up soon….featuring FOOD!

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Jessica said...

Fun, I haven't been there in forever!!

Small world though, my friends step dad makes those crazy fountains!

H-woman said...

I can't imagine going on any of those rides! Egad!

My mom picked up some Roasted Red Pepper Crack Hummus for me at Costco. OMG, soooooo good. Is hummus a food group unto itself? If not, it should be!


Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

Looks like a fun day - and um, yeah, just looking at some of those rides makes my stomach queasy. ;)