Monday, September 06, 2010

PNE 2010–Part Two


The PNE was not all fun and games…there was some serious carnival food to be partaken in! 

When our tummies started to grumble (how could they not…the whole exhibition smells fan-freaking-tastic! well, outside the barns!) we headed for the food alley.  Basically two almost park-long rows of food stands…there really is a taste of everything!!

We found the heart attack booth:


Yes.  If you haven’t heard…some genius has invented Deep Fried Butter now.  Um, ew.  At almost $6 I couldn’t bring myself to order it just to settle my curiosity.

We did however track down the Deep Fried Oreos.  Conveniently served in a set of four, we couldn’t turn them down!  (Available from the Funnel Cake people if you are ever looking for them…also up for grabs were Deep Fried Jelly Beans!  Apparently you can batter up anything!)


None of us were sure what to make of this over-the-top sounding treat…but holy moly sister!!  Were we ever pleasantly surprised. 

Think warm donut stuffed with warm almost gooey Oreo.  *swoon*  The cookie was softened to the point of seeming almost home baked and the icing became more of a oozy glaze in the middle.  It wasn’t tooooo terribly sweet and being able to share was just perfect.  We all gave it a thumbs up!


A little later we decided to find lunch.  The choices were actually totally overwhelming.  We all wandered around a little lost, changed our minds a couple of times, then ended up at the Ukrainian booth. 


To me, carnival food really should involve a hot dog but the perogies were calling to me…so I got the best of both worlds…perogies with a grilled sausage. 


I skipped most of that sauerkraut and didn’t touch the bread…but the sausage and perogies totally hit the spot.  Thankfully I wasn’t partaking in any rides though because that meal sat like a pretty heavy rock in my belly for a while.

Wisely, I did wash it down with water. 

Later after Tarilyn arrived Cat and I were feeling the mid-afternoon lull.  While on our way back to find the coffee cart we decided to stop for something a little more refreshing.


Not really shakes…more like watered down smoothies…but the Caribbean Colada did a pretty good job of helping to perk me up and rehydrate me a bit.  Can’t really go tooooo wrong with coconut and banana.


After Breanne and Chris finished torturing themselves on a few more rides and we all finished perusing the sand castles and caught a few minutes of the afternoon parade we decided it was time to load up on the road snacks and head home.

Honestly, the most famous thing about the PNE is the MINI DONUTS


How do they keep up?  Fried right before your eyes all day long!


Cinnamon-sugar of course.  There are a few different donuts stands around the park, but apparently these are the famous ones.  Bite sized little pieces of heaven.  Nom.


And lordy lordy, as if our sugar buzz wasn’t complete there was cotton candy to eat and play with in the car on the way home.  The gigglefest that ensued was a perfect tell-tale that we may have overdone the sweets…..wait, what?  No way!!!


Don’t worry.  Cat and I spent our evening eating healthy lettuce and carrots sticks.  If by that you know I mean cheese and cookies.

What?  It’s a mini vacation dammit.  Smile

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Conny @ Finding My Happy Place said...

Jamie that looks like the funniest day ever!! Although I would have probably had a belly ache LOL
I love how you do these kind of things with your girlfriends. I must think of a fun outing to do with mine like this!

Shari said...

This is just how the state fairs are here in the States...well all of the ones I've been to. YUMMY, sinful food overload :)

Looks like a great time!

Shari said...

This is just how the state fairs are here in the States...well all of the ones I've been to. YUMMY, sinful food overload :)

Looks like a great time!

Laura said...

I cant believe people pay to eat deep fried butter!

Shrinking Jen said...

I want perogies. And cotton candy. And tiny Tom's donuts... and deep fried oreos! I tried one in Vegas last summer. I wasn't sold, but would like to give it another chance right about now!!

MoraPiggy said...

The little donuts are a must. We get them on the way in and on the way out.

I also get the perogies. Yum.

Carol said...

At the Stampede (Calgary's version of the PNE), I tried the deep-fried oreos, but my experience wasn't as positive as yours. I think my order had sat for a while, and was cool, soggy and greasey. Yuck. But it's not a visit to the grounds for me unless I have a corn-dog and mini donuts. Guess I didn't really go this year, because I left without partaking in either!! Just have to wait till next July, I guess.

Kelly said...

'it's a mini vacation dammit' !!! Love that! I agree! Have something you wouldn't normally on a mini vacation !

We went to our state fair this last weekend also and of course we had some sweets!


Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

I've never seen a deep fried oreo before, but it sounds like something I'd like to try, hehe. :) The deep fried butter on the other hand...

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I've never seen a deep fried oreo before, either but I'm pretty sure I would like it ;-)

Lainey said...

Yeeeeuck! Carnival food is something that's never appealed to me.

Now if only all the other naughty foods didn't appeal to me... :p