Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Power of Veto

I am currently super distracted by the smell of the AMAZING cobbler I just made!

My coffee smelled soooo good this morning I forgot to take a picture of it.  While I sat in on my weekly torture conference call I sipped my joe and munched on breakfast…


That banana has seen better days.  I’ve been having to keep all of my fruit in the refrigerator to avoid fruit flies but bananas aren’t a fan of the cold!

Our meeting ran really long so afterwards I got right to making lunch.  The salad so nice I made it twice!!


More pears and gorgonzola.  This time I added a chopped fresh date.


Multigrain Wheat Thins for crunch.


Our sun returned today but there was still a chill in the air.  While out at the post office sending off loot to some bloggie friends I decided to walk over and get a latte.  I think I’ve nailed my current recipe for latte love.


Grande, THREE pump, non-fat, no whip, extra hot Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Whoa.  (There are usually four pumps in a grande…too sweet…but half sweet wasn’t doing it for me!)

Alternatively if I’m getting a PSL as my main morning caffeine fix I get it with an extra espresso shot (triple grande) and just leave the syrup as is.  The extra coffee helps cut the sweetness.

This week’s grocery budget has been spent mostly on restocking my baking supplies and a few fresh items so dinners will consist of things I already have on hand.  Example:  Amy’s Burrito!


With fresh local corn on the cob…


Ole! Sprinkled the corn with a little salt and a little chili powder for zing.


After dinner I decided to put the fresh Red Haven peaches I picked up last night to good use.  I made my first ever deeeeeeelish fruit cobbler.


This is just a tease.  Recipe tomorrow.  Soooooo yum!

To earn that dessert I played an exercise game with myself while watching Big Brother.  For the first half of the show I counted how many times they said the word “veto” and on the commercials did that many crunches.

29 veto = 29 crunches

Added 30 flutter crunches and a 30 second plank just for fun.

For the second half of the show I switched to counting how many times they mentioned the alliance name “Brigade” and did a corresponding number of girlie push ups.  Thankfully they said brigade a lot less because me and push ups don’t get along too well.

18 brigade = 18 push ups

I threw in another quick burst of flutter crunches just cuz.

Of course, I probably should have run around the block to earn that cobbler but how could I watch the live eviction from out there? Winking smile

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Shirls said...

that first picture of your salad looks a little old time picture like, cause the bowl gives it those old picture corners... I love it

Anonymous said...

Is that a Towne Shoes ad on your counter/table? If so, it's the best ad I've ever seen - the way it pairs up shoes and bags from the store with other designer's clothes. WOW. I've been staring at my copy for weeks now.

Lainey said...

I love the exercise game idea!