Friday, September 03, 2010

Stairway to Heaven

Lookie here! We finally have some proof that this blog is indeed sometimes about fitness and not always about what deliciousness I can stuff in my piehole. 


(Me, Charmaine and Tiffaney pretending we aren’t dying…)

Tia, brilliant and evil lovely trainer that she is offered to take us for some booty building stair torture.  I thought this seemed like a fabulous idea!  Today my calves are telling me I’m a bit of an idiot for that.


Ya.  That’s 73 steps going up.  Um.  And 73 steps going down.

Do that 15 times.


Trust me…after about the 8th time you won’t be smiling like that.  Your calves will get stiff and your quads will try to take over.  You’ll be glad for the view from the top while you try to rest before Tia notices and gives you a little push to keep going.


As hard as it was I wish I had stairs like that a little closer to home (these ones were at Gyro Park beach in Cadboro Bay…which is at least a 20 minute drive for me…which is just long enough for me to lose motivation!).  I suppose maybe I could just run the stairs to my apartment over and over again.  I’m sure my neighbours would love that!

For the math junkies out there:  1095 steps (one way!!)


The cool part is that we were done in under 30 minutes.  This may be the most calories burned, sweat produced, and muscles worked during our whole training program.  And all done in half the time of our usual sessions.  Smile

These particular stairs are also conveniently located near a lovely pub….where we may have sat around chatting and enjoying a refreshing Strongbow or Stella. Um, and I may have rewarded us with Coconut Crack Bars.  tee hee.


Shout out to Tia for mixing things up every class, keeping things fun and interesting, and motivating us to attend each session and work really hard.  If it wasn’t for her training these last five weeks I literally would have burned only the calories it takes to lift a latte three times a week. If you haven’t already, check out her website for LiftFit Training

Did I mention I’m spending the day walking around the PNE with Cat tomorrow?  That should be awesome since I currently can’t move my calves.  Wicked.

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Deni said...

I am brand new to your blog - just started WW about 2 months ago and blogging about it. I am trying to get connected with others on WW for some support!

I must say, those views are AMAZING!

Cat said...

I think I would have barfed on the 6 or 7th time up. I absolutely would NOT be presentable enough to go out for a cocktail afterwards...

Good job Jaime!

Shirls said...

wow, total hard core! in 30 mins? OMG puke inducing is what that always I'm left amazed by you

H-woman said...

Egad! That's a lot of stairs! I agree that a Strongbow was in order after that!


Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

More like stairway to hell!! :-P

I'd say hardcore, what a workout that must have been.

Wendy said...

Good Job Jaime!
I climbed Bear Mountain a few years back. The view was awesome and worth the hike.

Carol said...

When I'm done this round of marathon clinic, I'm going to return to my lovely set of stairs here in Calgary - Curling Club Hill. It's 169 steps from bottom to top, and I used to be able to do 10 reps during lunch hour, so my goal will be to get back to that level. Yes, that's 3,380 steps up and down. And I used to mix it up, rather than just straight up and down...cross-overs, doubles, jumps, squats, kick-backs, pushups (at the top)...etc. Otherwise, it just gets boring. I'll have to take the camera with me next time and post picks. Oh, and can't wait to try the Coconut Crack bars! Coconut is my FAVE!!!!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Holy mother of God, that's a lot of stairs! I'm glad you made it down safely at the end...(my muscles would probably get all jello-like and I'd end up falling down the whole thing!). So good on you for doing all that!

I am still going to do my post on the lovely stuff you sent to me in Florida...I was a bad, bad blogger this summer, so I have a lot of ground to cover. I DID eat every single thing you sent me - delish!

It looks like you've settled back in really well in the land of Squirrely bread - haha. And it looks like you're having lots of FUN!

Anonymous said...

Those look like the stairs they run up on the last 10 pounds bootcamp show... looks tough!