Monday, October 18, 2010

All Day Long

Geeeeeze.  I finally have a night that I want to blog and have tons to show you guys…only to be thwarted by a jillion updates on my laptop.  That’s what I get for only using to watch TV shows the last month or so.  But now I’m here!

I recently got one of those little battery powered frother things so this morning I tested it out by making a Vanilla Soy Coffee Misto


Works like a hot damn!  Yay for foamy deliciousness.

Since I can’t work out right now (what I wouldn’t give for just 5 minutes of cardio!!) I’m trying VERY hard to stick to a proper healthy meal plan so I don’t gain any more weight.

Smoothies are back on the menu…


In the KA today: ice, 1/2 banana, baby spinach, frozen blueberries, flax meal, Amazing Grass, and UVAB


After breakfast I received a surprise delivery!


Shut the front door!  It’s a package from the friends that were in Vegas without me…


Tokens from Boston…where my friend John lives…along with the coveted Coconut M&Ms that we can’t get up here in Canada.  I missed out on a fabulous weekend but it feels great that my friends were thinking of me anyway.  Thanks you guys!

In the spirit of good eats…a bigass salad for lunch!


In the big silver bowl: romaine, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, beets, and feta cheese…drizzled with EVOO and topped with a generous dollop of Sabra crack hummus…


This afternoon I had a visit with my friend Laura…she’s an RMT and thought maybe she might offer some different insight on my bum pain.  She spent a very long time taking notes and assessing…much more than any other massage therapist I have seen.  I had high hopes because I really thought I could feel her treatment working…but alas, the screaming pain in my leg was still there full force.  I barely made it the block to my car.  Dammit.

Tomorrow I try Physiotherapy.

Back at home, my light lunch caught up with me so I grabbed this PB Larabar and powered through it in about 45 seconds!  Followed up with lots of post-massage water in my new Thermos water bottle…


I worked late to make up the time I was out at massage, then had to move odds and ends around in my place to prep for the carpet cleaners coming tomorrow.  I snacked on these Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Ginger Snaps while I vacuumed.


Vacuuming literally sucked the wind out of me.  I hurt.

To top that off I had to pack up my dinner and hobble my arse down the hall to Nicole’s again.  Mr Stoopy has been camped out here because I didn’t want to move him back and forth between the renos and the carpet cleaner.

Dinner was a super success though.  Last night I made a pot of Beef Stew but I waited to have a bowl today.  It didn’t disappoint!


Recipe post coming soon.

Can’t eat stew without a dinner roll!


The nice part about hanging out at Nicole’s when she goes away for work is that she doesn’t keep any snacky treats around (well, and she has cable!!).  For dessert I topped the apple I brought with a big scoop of PB…


Day One of no undocumented snacking down.  Nice.

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Carol said...

Hope you get your broken butt fixed soon! I can totally understand your frustration with not being able to work out. The marathon was only two days ago, and I'm itching to get outside and go for a really long walk at the very least. Enough of the sitting around!
Those coconut M&M's sound far to dangerous to ever be allowed in Canada. Dangerous for me that is!
Get better!!

Jessica said...

ooooh I hope you feel better soon.

sending you healthy vibes :)

Anonymous said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa... what's with this Harvard nonsense? I may need to send you a Boston College tee shirt to wear over that thing. ;-) Hope you're recovering quickly! xo

Lainey said...

Oh, I have so many questions...first of all, where do you find all these amazing friends!? I swear I could be dying, and most of my friends wouldn't even notice. Wah.

Also, is that frothy thing what you used to mix up your potage parmentier? It looks the same. Or was that something else? I'm making that tomorrow, btw. I've decided. I have all the ingredients. I'm excited to try it!

Hope your bum gets unbroken soon! Have you found a new chiropractor in Victoria yet?

Jaime said...

Hi Lainey,

To be fair, the flowers and the care package were from the same friend. :)

The frother thingy is definitely NOT the same thing I used to make soup. The frother is just a little battery operated thing I got at HomeSense. I used my Cuisinart Hand Blender to puree the soup (you can carefully use a regular blender).

Hope it turns out yummy for you!

And yes, I've been visiting a chiropractor here since the first week or two I got here. :) He just isn't able to help with this particular issue...