Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dammit Janet

A sleepy, slow start this morning.  I was literally rubbing sleep from my eyes as I opened my email and started work.  It didn’t help that my cuppa coffee wound up down the drain.

Did you know your fresh beans can be bad?  I didn’t.  But I’ll be returning the funkiness I bought this weekend. 

Breakfast cheered me up.  Nothing like a good bowl of peanut butter and banana oats.  With cinnamon and raisins.  Nom.


Feeling quite good I was off to physiotherapy again today.  I was hoping he’d say I could start some sort of working out again, but alas no such luck.  Just another round of nerve stimulation and orders to stretch every hour (or more often).  Hrmph.

After that dismal news I wasn’t much for cooking lunch so a simple grilled cheese sammich it was.  Squirrelly Bread and light cheddar.  With carrots…see veggies!



A couple of fresh dates to complete the easy meal.


After work all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch.  It sure got chilly in here and my poor hip and bum were feeling the tender after effects from my earlier appointment.  Tea to the rescue!


After getting sucked into So You Think You Can Dance Canada’s finale I had to find something supah-fast for dinner before Glee started.  Thank goodness for leftovers.  Quinoa and roasted veggies reheated and poured over salad.


Salad is a loose term here.  Tomatoes and lettuce.  Topped with feta.


Nothing like the super fabulous mash-up of Rocky Horror and Gleeeeee!!


This might be my new favourite episode…although NPH still holds a close second!  Don’t kill me, but I didn’t like Mercedes as Frankenfurter…she changed the tune and tone of the song too much BUT how bout that Uncle Jesse killing it as Eddie?!  Hot Patootie is right!

For dessert I discovered a Mousearoo in my chocolate!


Eeeeeeek.  Don’t worry, I took care of it.

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Lady J said...

That's the coffee you bought while I was with you? I had no idea beans could go bad either... never really thought about it I guess. What did it taste like? or dare I ask?? LOL

marie said...

AHHHHH! You ate me!! :P

Carol said...

I agree with you about Mercedes, but thought Kurt was great as Rifraf, and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Mr. Shew "rehearsing" as the Creature. O.M.G!!! More shows without shirts, please!!!!
Is that bad?!
I suppose coffee can go bad (I had shivers just thinking about it!) since it is an oily bean, and can go rancid. That sucks!
I'm off to watch Glee again...and again...and again...Lord love PVR's.