Sunday, October 03, 2010

Danger Blondies

The only problem with deciding to have a Friday night in is that inevitably my snack tooth kicks in.  Eventually I start opening cupboards looking for a late night treat.


Conveniently I have a well stocked baking cupboard which makes it fairly easy to whip up a quick batch of something yummy when the cravings win. This time I decided to follow Liane’s lead and dug up Jessica’s recipe for Chocolate Chip Blondies


Sans PB frosting…mainly because it was getting late and I was trying to be kinda good.  hahahahahha.  Ya, “good” totally comes in the form of a bowl full of sugar.  Seriously, a bowl full of brown sugar….


Don’t forget the eggs like I did! The batter was dense and dry…I was confused…until I saw the eggs sitting on the counter!! *duh*


I overcooked them just a smidge but it didn’t matter.  I managed to eat three of these babies over the course of the evening, then downed another for breakfast.  :)


Hence, the new name I’ve coined: Danger Blondies.  NOM!


I can only imagine the immense danger involved with the PB frosting!

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Shirls said...

now I want chocolate!