Friday, October 01, 2010

Girls, Grey’s and Quinoa

Well, it’s official.  I threw out my back and now my stupid piriformis issue has returned.  I’m shuffling around like a little old lady again.  So sitting at the computer has to be minimized until I can figure out what fixed it last time.  Argh.  I think I’m being punished for lounging by the pool in Vegas.  Pigeon pose and lunges are my new best friends.

To help myself along I decided not to sit at the computer and blog last night…so you get a delayed Thursday recap now.  Tres exciting!

Here’s something you don’t see around here often…cereal for breakfast.  Kashi Honey Almond Flax with sliced banana and UVAB


(This combo is often my undocumented midnight bedtime snack…hehe.)

After visiting my chiropractor and nearly crying in pain I decided to throw my “save the $5” rule out the window and stopped for a PSL.


A pumpkin cream cheese muffin jumped in my purse. I swear.


Come lunchtime I probably should have made a salad to counteract the morning treats but I reasoned that I’d be having salad with dinner and decided on a grilled sammich instead.


Gala apple, double crème brie, spinach, cinnamon and honey on Silver Hills multigrain…


Grilled with a smidge of real butter on the Griddler and served up with Concorde grapes…


Girl’s night dinner... We got together for some good eats, Grey’s Anatomy and to finally exchange photos from our Vegas adventure. We each contributed to the meal and if we do say so we did a lovely job!  :) 


Tiff volunteered me to bring the bigass salad so I broke out the big silver bowl and put together a fresh and fun crispy salad.


Romaine, carrots, cucumber, beets, red onion and navel orange segments.  I also brought along avocado to add at serving time.  The whole thing was dressed with Ali’s Citrus Honey Vinaigrette.


Rose cooked us up moist and delicious chicken.  I didn’t see how she seasoned it but it was yummy and went perfect with my salad and Tiff’s quinoa side dish.


The star of the show (in my eyes anyway!) was that quinoa.  We talk about making quinoa all the time (I’ve had a bag in my cupboard for weeks now) but never get around to it.  Tiffaney Googled up a recipe and came up with this quick and easy Lemony Quinoa.


She put this together in about 15 minutes after we got to Rose’s place.  It was fast, easy and super deeeeeelish.  We all went back for seconds and damn near cleaned out the whole bowl.  Nom!

Vegas 003

After dinner I asked the girls when our next trip is.  California Wine Country?  Oh yes please.  ;)

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Lady J said...

Aren't those pumpkin cream cheese muffins soooo good?? I've only had one because they could definitely become addictive!!

myco said...

I love quinoa! It seems to play well with all the other ingredients in my pantry.

I Love Your Whole Face said...

I am def going to try the Quinoa recipe. looks yummy

QuinoaDietTips said...

Wow, these pictures and meals look really great.
I'm a big fan of quinoa. It's versatile, you can mix it with anything.