Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guilty Salad

Today I finally used one of my older coffee mugs and wouldn’t you know that I got involved in a work call and didn’t take a picture.  I’m sure you are all super bummed. ha!

Coconut oatmeal is much more important anyway!


Even if it is a little white and boring looking….it’s deeeelish!

In the pot: coconut milk, water, rolled oats, chia seeds, flax meal, 1/2 frozen banana.  On top: shredded coconut


When lunch hour rolled around I wasn’t really feeling like the salad I had planned, so I opted to eat last night’s leftovers instead.  Spaghetti squash with sausage and mushrooms in pasta sauce.


No matter how hard I tried those leftovers just did not want to be photogenic!

On the way to physiotherapy I snacked on another Kardea Nutrition bar. Lemon Ginger this time.  I love the chewy texture of these bars.  Yum.


Physio update:  Today he had me doing a lot of bending and leaning to see if things got better or worse depending on how I was tilted.  To me it all just seems bad but thankfully the professional eye can offer a different perspective.  He sent me home armed with a new stretch to fit into my day at least 8-10 times.  Cali: it’s the cobra!  He calls it a “sloppy pushup”…the yoga girl in me calls it a “sloppy cobra”.  Good thing I work at home because laying on the floor might go over a little weird with coworkers.

I treated myself to another PSL on the way home.  It’s only fair, right? :)

While I was out I picked up most of the groceries for my little housewarming shindig tomorrow night.  I’ll have to buy more Hallowe’en candy though…someone ate the bag I bought. hmmmmm. oh right…me!

So I guilted myself into that salad to make up for my sweet tooth indiscretions…


In the big silver bowl: baby spinach, carrots, mushrooms, red pepper, tomatoes, and beats.  Dressed with EVOO and coarse salt.

Served up alongside a grilled New Orleans style sausage (the guy in the store explained it to be kinda-BBQ-y…lol)…it was tasty.


No dessert for this bad girl that already overdid her candy quota. 

But you all deserve a nice photo of some flowers.  So here ya go! :)


I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday.

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Anonymous said...

I love the photos. The colors are so attractive. And for the salad, this is something new. I love the combination of the ingredients. Very nice.
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Anonymous said...

The cobra - what a coincidence. I've been slacking on my twice-daily cobra. I feel like it's so time consuming even though it's really not.