Sunday, October 24, 2010


A whole lotta paint, a bunch of new doors, a few miles of new trim, and a couple of rolls of wallpaper later and I finally opened up my home to my fabulous friends for my first condo party!


I picked the purpley wallpaper (with matching silvery grey paint)…linens and bedframe will complete the bedroom.


So happy to see so many friends come out to celebrate.  Of course I was hyper-focused on getting good food here for everyone.  Priorities!

My first amazing Charelli’s cheese platter…




I think I had 5 bites of food all night.  Um, and 5 glasses of wine.


We all sipped our Brut from red plastic beer cups because we are classy that way.  (oh right, and I don’t have a dishwasher and wasn’t interested in 15 real glasses!)


As requested by many friends, I saved the Coconut M&M’s I received from my American friends to share at the party.  Coconut lovers unite!


There was a lot of red wine going around.  Wait until you see the housewarming gift haul.  My friends think I drink a lot apparently.


Nice.  Three of them are standing there texting.  Apparently we aren’t interesting enough for them.  ;)


Mr. Stoopy made himself well known.  Entertainment for all.


In the midst of the conversation, door buzzers, and knocks on the door I tried to give a little speech…. It amounted to me standing on a chair and saying “hello” and “thanks”.  Here’s hoping my guests were all mind readers and knew I was trying to say “I’m so happy to be home, and even happier to see you all”!


What a whirlwind!  I don’t think I completed a conversation the whole night. Can we have way-fun parties like this every weekend?  Please!

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Ms. M said...

Looks like a fantastic party. I LOVE that bedroom wall! Congrats on your new place. :)

Jessica said...

I love your bedroom wall too.. it's Sexay!!!!!!!!!!!!

That last picture of you is gorgeous too!!!!!!! :)

Congrats on the place... and Welcome home!!!!!!!!!!

Shrinking Jen said...

Food looks delicious!! Bedroom looks absolutely fabulous! The purple was definitely the way to go!

Lainey said...

Looks like fun! And I agree with Jessica--that last picture of you is really pretty.

I love, love, love that wallpaper! Is it just on one wall? You make me want to make my bedroom look a "boudoir!" ;o) It is terribly boring at the moment. Hmmm...

Jaime said...

Thanks everyone!

Yes, just the headboard wall. The rest of the room is painted a soft taupey grey to match the leaves. :)