Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Love from Beantown

Like a shining light on my broken homebound bum a lovely housewarming package arrived today from Boston…


Thanks to Elizabeth (my very first cross-border blogger buddy!!) I am now the proud owner of a Boston Starbucks mug…


…and a few other way fun American goodies…


That mug collection is really taking off!  Who knew?  :)

Another reader (Hi Dayna!) sent along what I hope is the answer to my piriformis pinch…this awesome video highlighting a few new exercises for me to try.

Neural Flossing

I’ve done that first one sitting on the chair twice today and it’s actually pretty hilarious.  I have to hold my leg up because it’s so tight I can’t get it straight.  Maybe I ought to film my own video….haha. Riiiiight.

As far as food goes, my dinner turned out looking burnt (it wasn’t!!) so I’ll save you those ugly pictures…but breakfast was worth mentioning for sure.  Have you ever made your oatmeal with coconut milk?  If not, try it!


The local supermarket brand isn’t labelled as “light” but when comparing NI with other brands this version was very low in calories.  Only 30 cals per 1/4 cup.


I noticed the coconut milk takes a little longer to absorb but just keep stirring and it works just fine.  I use half milk, half water.  Added half a frozen banana as per usual and topped with dark chocolate chips and shredded coconut.  Deeeeelish!


Well that was random.  :)  Hope you enjoyed!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you're enjoying your goodies. I would have no idea those Starbucks city mugs existed were it not for you! Hope those stretches are helping your... um... pain in the ass. ;) xxoo

H-woman said...

I shouldn't know that coconut milk in oatmeal is a good thing. Of course, now that I do, I'm going to have to try it!

My fave oatmeal combo: Nutella and cherries.


Jen said...

People from Boston area great, just sayin. :)

She sent some cool treats. The Boston mug is cool. I may have to get one even thought I have lived in Boston all my life.