Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Magic Cure

Note to self:  Do NOT try to hobble down the 200 step hallway first thing in the morning.  Holy hell did that hurt.  I’m way too stiff after sleeping all night to expect my poor body to appreciate simple walking.

I had to be back in my own place by 9am to meet the carpet cleaning man.  Now that I’ve had all of this painting done the carpets look much better and won’t need replacing for a while yet so I finally got them cleaned.  Yay!

To stay out of the way I set up shop in the kitchen…using the cat’s scratching post as a desk for my laptop.  Hey, whatever works!  While the man cleaned I enjoyed my coffee and actually got quite a bit of work done.


After he left I got straight to work making a late breakfast.  Oatmeal craving!


In the mix: water, UVAB, flax meal, rolled oats, 1/2 banana…


On top: 1/2 banana, chopped almonds, drizzle of honey.  Honey Bunches of Oats!  :)

Breakfast was so late that I decided not to eat lunch before my first physiotherapy appointment.  Best not to be digesting spinach salad when the poor guy is poking at me.  I did grab a Honeybar on the way out of the kitchen though.


Physio was interesting.  He took far more time collecting a history and list of complaints than my chiro and regular RMT have.  We did lots of bending and assessing of my leg, hip, glute, etc trying to pinpoint where the issues lie.  He then hooked me up to a funny electronic machine that pulses little massage-like zaps and taps on my bum.  What a sight! 

His conclusion is that I have an injured disc in my back that is irritating everything else…hence the tight muscles and nerve pain.  Basically what I knew already except in the opposite order.  Up until this everyone thought the piriformis muscle was the culprit but it turns out the piriformis was just trying to protect me.

Sadly, the solution isn’t any more magical or faster than anything I’ve done up until now.  He said this “will take weeks”.  Ugh.  So I visit him as often as I can afford and continue working on my posture.  Yippee.

Wouldn’t you know that the office was right across the street from a Starbucks… whooops, broke my “no treat for a week” rule on Day 2 and consoled myself with a PSL.

Back at home I finished up work for the day, used every last piece of strength and pain tolerance I had to hustle the cat back to our apartment, and actually found it in me to haul sheets down to the laundry room.

By the time I finished all of that I was ready for bed, but made dinner instead.  Comfort food to the rescue.


Homemade Beef Stew served up with steamed brussels sprouts and buttered whole wheat roll.


Yup, steamed brussels are comfort food to me!  :)  Well, they ain’t no chocolate chip cookie…but they still cheered me up.  Yay for green veggies.

Now that I’ve sat here and regained leg energy it’s time to make the bed.  And maybe eat an apple. 

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Marlène said...

In my experience, a good physiotherapist is like a MIRACLE worker for injury and pain management. They are SO knowledgeable.

My physio was able to diagnose me even before my MRI came back and confirmed his findings. And I started to feel better after the first exercise he gave me to do.

I hope with this appointment it means you are finally on your way to long-term recovery so you can get back to living normally!!! Best of luck!