Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pizzeria Prima Strada

Woke up yesterday morning and realized I still didn’t have any fresh coffee.  Being as it was conference call day that just wouldn’t do!  So off to the SB drive-thru I went. :)


I may have had a grande regular coffee after that triple latte too.  Needless to say I was buzzzzzzing.  Like literally agitated a couple of hours later.  Figured I’d better get some fresh food into me.


Bigass mixed salad with lotsa veggies…featuring dried cranberries, walnut pieces and pumpkin seeds.  Dressed with a concoction of honey, dijon and olive oil.


Followed with some protein in the form of old white cheddar matched with Kashi crackers, fresh dates, and Banana Date Chutney I bought at the Farmer’s Market a while ago.


I put the chutney out during my party last Friday but I guess no one wanted to try it out…there was barely a spoonful missing!  It’s definitely got a kick to it and I think it might do better paired with meat at dinner time.  Yummy though.

After work while getting ready for a dinner date with my friend Nicole I snacked on a couple of coconut crack bars


When I finally tracked down my “it’s not Summer anymore, but not quite Winter either” sweater we were off for our dinner.  I’ve been meaning to get to Pizzeria Prima Strada since the day I moved back but something has always waylaid the plans.  When Nicole suggested it, I was quick to say YES PLEASE! 


We hit up the secondary location as it’s closer to my place and apparently a lot less crowded than their original location in Cook Street Village. 

Tables are all family style.  Meet your neighbours people!


Don’t worry, it wasn’t actually this empty.  We kinda closed the place down and I took this photo as we left.  :) 


Firewood for the pizza oven!

Now the good stuff:  food and drink!  I had a glass (or two) of the red wine special.  A BC Merlot.  I don’t usually go for Merlot but it still hit the spot.


I convinced Nicole to share the appetizer special of the night.  Hand made oxtail ravioli.  I don’t remember the rest of the description but it was deeeeelish.  Two each was the perfect amount.


For the main event we opted to share a pizza.  (That’s the only catch…no individual size pizzas at dinner time…so either you share or you have a bunch of leftovers.)  Nicole recommended the Rucola E Crudo…tomato, parmigiano, and mozzarella finished with fresh
arugula and prosciutto crudo.


I tried to be polite and only eat two of my three pieces.  But bringing one sad piece home seemed silly so I ate it up.  Seemed the logical thing to do, no?  ha.  Nom nom nom.


We girls blathered on for a couple of hours and when the employees looked like maybe they wanted to go home we finally hauled ourselves out.  When I got home I was full of energy from my carby dinner…it fuelled me through a sink full of dishes and a general tidy of my apartment before bed. :)

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Christine said...

Your photos are fantastic, and all the food looks very yummy!

Anonymous said...

That pizza looks so yummy! And I am uber uber uber jealous that you have drive thru Starbucks. To my knowledge this is not something the UK has. #sulk

Amy x

Laura said...

i want a drive-thru starbucks, oh damn i'm jealous.

that pizza looks divine