Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Soup for a Whiny Girl’s Soul

As any of my lovely Twitter friends know this stupid piriformis pain has pretty much consumed my life for the last few days.  It’s painful to stand up, it’s painful to lay down, and unless I’m sitting jusssst right it’s painful to sit down.  Doesn’t leave me much does it?

Boooooooo. Grumpypants are on!

Thankfully I got my bum to the produce market before I started shuffling down the aisles like a little old lady.  In my basket went a bigass fresh picked local leek and a dozen lovely local Yukon Gold potatoes.  As soon as I saw that leek I knew I’d be following Lynn’s lead and making some Potage Parmentier a la Julia Child.  Potato & Leek Soup for us regular folk! :)


I always knew it was probably an easy recipe, but I had no idea it was THIS easy.  5 minutes of prep…tops!


And cheap!  That leek was like 89 cents, and those 4 beautiful potatoes were less than a dollar.  Sure I spent $2 on cream for added pizazz but it’s optional and I can use it in my coffee too.  :)  Less than $4 for a huge pot of soup is OK by me!


I lived on the edge.  Adding cream and butter to finish it off.  :)


Day One – served piping hot with toasted bakery fresh bread ‘n’ butter:


Day Two – slightly blurry, served with grilled cheeeeeese made on bakery fresh bread with extra old white cheddar:


Day Three – jazzed up with added chopped cherry tomatoes and grated Asiago, with a side of Kashi crackers:


If only I had crumbled bacon.  Maybe my aching arse should hobble over to the grocery store for Day Four. :)

Make this and enjoy it. Easy, peasy, comforting, tasty and cheap cheap!

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Jenny said...

Yum! I saw this on Lynn's blog the other day and it's been on my mind to make. I think it will be on the menu for later this week! Looks SO GOOD!

Lainey said...

Yum! That looks great! I think I see soup in my future...

How long do you think soup stays good for in the fridge, anyway? I generally get uncomfortable eating anything after 3 days, but sometimes I wonder if I'm just being paranoid.

Lady J said...

I think our society has gotten paranoid about keeping food after "the expiry date", which didn't exist in my growning up years. For homemade soups you should be fine keeping them in the fridge for at least 5 days. The only thing in it that could go bad would be the dairy, so go by the expiry date on that when you're making it.

The soup sounds amazing Jaime and something even yer old Mama can make!! *grin*

Cat said...

Looks so yummy. My dad makes his version of this soup, but I'm fairly certain it has more than a pound of butter and about a litre of cream....it's amazing, but yours looks delish, and I won't have to call a cardiologist after...

carla said...

OOOH I LIKE yer one the edge living...


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain ... for real.

I had no idea that soup was so easy to make!

Lainey said...

Thank you, Jaime's Mom! :o)

Amanda said...

This soup looks fantastic! I will definitely have to try this soon. Thanks!