Friday, November 26, 2010

Bicycle Bison Burger

Originally I had booked today off work but plans changed so I decided I might as well do a bit of work…but took it easy, ran some errands, and had a delicious dinner with friends.

Coffeeeeee, Squirrelly toast, flaxy almond butter and nanners…


My fave Chobani thus far.  Straight up pineapples yo.


Clif Mojo bar featuring Sweet & Salty goodness.  This was supah yummy and shockingly only 170 cals.  If someone would like to send me the pretzel version of these I wouldn’t send it back. :)


Since I actually had time to wash, dry and properly straighten my hair today I decided I might as well finally drag my behind to the DMV and get my BC driver’s license.  I’m a tad overdue.


Too bad BC is still behind the technological times and I have to wait 2 weeks for my ID to arrive in the mail.  Here’s hoping for a decent photo!

I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Costco for serving delicious spinach dip on rippled Kettle chip samples.  Sorry I didn’t actually buy any but you saved me from eating my own arm before dinner.

Dinner tonight was with friends Charmaine and Greg (hi guys!!).  They were unable to attend any of my birthday festivities so it was nice to get together for a meal and a chat.  We decided to hit up The Pink Bicycle for gourmet burgers.


I ordered a Phillips Longboat Chocolate Porter…not realizing how large it was.  Whoops.  Oh darn. ;)


Pink Bike is known for it’s collection of extravagant and tasty burgers.  I couldn’t just order the beef burger on my first visit so I opted for their BBQ Island Bison (to which I added caramelized onions) with 1/2 onion rings and 1/2 truffled fries (thanks to our server for suggesting the halfsies).


Now THAT is a substantial meal.  Holy moly. 


The bun was fan-freaking-tastic.  Soft, chewy, crispy, sesame seedy, deeeelish.  The burger itself was huge and messy and totally yum.  I found their BBQ sauce to be a bit too sweet but the bison patty was awesome and my addition of caramelized onions was pretty smart if I do say so.  The onion rings and fries were crispy but I think I’d pass on the “truffled” next time.

*ahem* I do hate to say it…but my burger at John’s Place was better. 


There’s an actual pink bike! :)

The rest of my rocking Friday night included a trip to the supermarket, taking out the trash, and picking out a movie.  Expendables anyone?


Tea time. Night!

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kb said...

Those onion rings look amazing. How did you like your chocolate porter? (I had it earlier this month and reviewed it here:

Lady J said...

I knew you'd like John's Place better... I must be psychic?? Deb & I went to see The Expendables and thought it was a great tongue in cheek action movie!!

Laura said...

its funny, when i order a burger (veggie burger) i never get fries, the burger always fills me up. no idea how but it does!

Jessica said...

I'm pretty sure they get their buns from Bond Bonds next door. PS - BB also has the most fantastic cookies ever!

Jaime said...

kb: Phillips Choco Porter is one of my really does taste like chocolate!

Mom: Expendables was good but I actually fell asleep.

Laura: I overate. The burger would have been enough.

Jess: I totally made note of where those buns are from. I'll be buying them come BBQ season!