Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday Party #1

When your birthday falls on a Monday it’s perfectly acceptable to start celebrating on the preceding Friday. :)

Started with a late afternoon flower delivery from my friend John.  He sent them early so I could enjoy them longer. :)  This particular arrangement can only be described as EPIC…it’s freaking huge!!


Since my fabulous friends were willing to participate in a couple of birthday outings I opted to make one night more casual and one night for dress up.  Friday night we planned a fun dinner and beers to end the work week and start the weekend off with a bang.

And now for something completely different!  The Rathskeller German Schnitzel Haus.


There was definitely beer.  Warsteiner to be exact.  Hmmmm…so I suppose taking this close up of the glass really doesn’t exhibit what I drank. ha!

010Beer Drinker

Mikey took on the challenge of the 1 litre boot!!  (psssst….but his boot is filled with apple cider!)  He blamed me for his hangover the next day. 

beer boot

The food was fried, carby and deeeelish.  How can fried bread not be awesome, right?  So salty and fabulous.


For dinner I opted to go with one of the standard schnitzels.  This one is Rahm Schnitzel, which is the basic pork schnitzel topped with a light sour cream sauce (I think paprika is the seasoning)…with spatzle and red cabbage.  Yum.


I was pretty excited to try this restaurant because I’ve heard some really great stories about some fun times.  We were all slightly let down because we felt a bit like we’d been stuck in the corner, there was only one accordion guy, we ended up short on time because they close early-ish, and our server was NOT in a pleasant mood AT ALL. 

Honestly…we were all like “well pardon us for wanting to order multiple things and not being perfectly familiar with all things schnitzel”.  Pretty certain someone peed in her spatzle that afternoon.


Thanks to fun friends and incredibly creepy decor we still had a super fun time, even if it wasn’t quite what I had anticipated.  We make our own good times!

Nose Picker

Poor Mikey.  Even when he hits the town without his wife, he still gets stuck taking care of the girls!  Evil fancy footwear be damned!


After dinner we hit up an incredibly loud and crowded pub for follow up beers and Strongbows! :)


Alcohol induced antics kept us entertained.


Our evening may have ended with friends acting like teenagers listening to music, eating chips, and jumping on the bed until 5am.  Or not. ;) *giggles*

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Conny @ Finding My Happy Place said...

OMG having lived in Germany I am drooling all over my keyboard right now!!
Happy Birthday....and I think you should have dragged the celebrations on for a week!

Mikey said...

I get all the hard jobs!

and it was your fault, if it wasn't for you twisting my arm to come out & drink, I would not have been hungover..

Mikey said...

I also noticed that as soon as I left, you ladies seemed to have picked up a bunch of men! Was having me around cramping your style? Did my manly good looks scare away all the other men?

sarah said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!! And the food! Yum!!! Happy Birthday, again, Girl!!

Claudia said...

Happy Birthday !!
Looks like my kind of Birthday Party!

Laura said...

happy birthday sweetheart, it looks like a blast

Ali said...

So much fun! And those flowers are gorgeous!