Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthday Party #4

Four! Whooop! :) Since my actual birthday fell on a Monday and I’d already been out and about for my fair share of birthday fun, I really had just planned to relax at home and do nothing last night.  But Tiffaney was having no part of it!

I asked around and couldn’t get a consensus on where the best sushi in Victoria is these days so opted to place a take-out order with Shiki Sushi because I know I’ve liked it in the past, and it was convenient for picking up.

Edamame (overcooked but still yum)…


Goma-Ae Salad (a much needed dish of greens!)…


Spicy Tuna Roll and Tempura Salmon Roll (both delicious…but the tuna in particular was excellent)…


Tiffaney also ordered the Pork Gyoza which were super yummy and her fish-free rolls hit the spot.  We’ve never met a tempura yam roll we didn’t like. :)

Overall pretty good for take-out…but I suspect I am going to be hard pressed to find a sushi spot I like as much as Doraku in Halifax.

Our friend Ingmarie joined us for conversation and cupcakes.  Being the fabulous friend she is, she never arrives empty handed and brought us this deeeeelish Ginger Perry from Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse.


We are not entirely sure what a perry is but this had a wonderful spicy ginger kick to it.  Somewhat light an alcoholic ginger ale but lighter. It paired well with our sushi…and our cupcakes!


Not that I need an excuse to buy cupcakes but they are a lot more guilt free when it is your birthday.  :)  I took a quick trip over to Oh La La and picked out a half dozen…. and promptly ate one as soon as I got home.


I thought the Just Vanilla would be my favourite because I often love the simplest ones…but it didn’t live up to the Suzie’s Classic.  Yummy for sure but I like the density of Suzie’s icing more.

The girls and I cut up three flavours to try and were all surprised which ones ended up being our favourites.


Red Velvet had lovely light cream cheesy icing…probably one of the best I’ve tasted.  We were all surprised that we really loved the strawberry icing on the Pink Ballerina…it tasted just like a fresh strawberry!  And even though all three of us are vanilla cake fans we were very impressed with how moist and delicious the Kiss Me I’m Irish (chocolate mint) was. 

We didn’t make it to the Oh La La (chocolate cherry) so I have saved that one for a friend.  I don’t usually go for chocolate and fruit baked goods but I’ll be stealing a bite just to be sure. :)


OK. Birthday fun is now over. The cold I woke up with this morning is my punishment for over indulging.  But it’s a small price to pay. :)  *achoo!

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H-woman said...

Perry = pear cider

Four birthdays! A girl who celebrates like me! It's not just a day, nor a week, it's a MONTH all about ME!!

Happy belated!


Veggies, Cake & Cocktails said...

I really wish I liked Sushi. It looks so pretty but I just can't get over the raw fish thing.

I would have no problem eatting the cupcakes! Those I could handle!