Friday, November 12, 2010

Birthdays and Boudoirs

So today marks the beginning of my birthday weekend.  Yup, weekend!  When your birthday falls on a Monday it’s only fair that you get to celebrate in advance.  :)

Dinner tonight, drinks tomorrow night, and whatever else comes my way!

Knowing that dinner tonight isn’t going to be until later and that there will likely be a few beverages consumed I planned a bit of a heartier (ahem, greasier) breakfast.

Bacon, over medium egg, sprouted grain toast…


Gotta start the festivities off on the right foot! :)

Lunch was a bit of a healthier endeavour…even if it was eaten from my purse while running errands today. Banana, almonds, and a bar from my super stash.


My friend Melinda bought me a few of these Macrobars when she put together my housewarming gift from Trader Joes.  The one I picked out today was cashew butter but sadly it had mold on it when I opened it!  Ewwwwwwwwww.  So I tossed it and ate the peanut butter one instead.


It was creamy, soft and quite deeeelish!  The peanut butter flavour wasn’t terribly strong…but I’m not saying that is a bad thing. ;)

On the way home from shopping I stopped for coffee…of course.  I’ll give you one guess what’s in the cup.


Did you guess Egg Nog Coffee Misto? Of course you did!

Currently getting ready for a fun dinner out at The Rathskeller…a local German restaurant complete with oompah band!  Nothing says birthday like an accordian, schnitzle and beer, right?! :)


For those of you keeping track of my apartment renos and decorations, my bedroom took a giant leap forward this week. Not only did my first real grown up bed frame arrive (yes, 16 years living away from home and I finally just now have an actual bed frame!!) but I also received my housewarming prezzie from my bestie, the other Jamie.

She and I went shopping and she (and her hubby) hooked me up with a new duvet cover, shams, decorator pillows, and a sweet new microfibre pillow to help with my ridiculous old lady body aches. :)


The pictures don’t do all of the colours justice, but they are close.  The duvet, etc compliments the taupey grey paint and the purpley pink wallpaper just about perfectly. I’m stunned that we found a fabric that included flowers to go with the wallpaper…without being all matchy-matchy!

Now I just need a couple of pieces of art, a bigass mirror, and maybe a curtain panel.  It’ll be so excellent to have a fully complete bedroom for the first time since I was 16. :)

Thanks Jamie and Chris!!

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Lady J said...

Beautiful and thank you from me to Jamie and Chris... :o)

Christy said...

Wow awesome bedroom!!! Where'd you get the headboard? Love it!!

Jessica said...

wow sooooo pretty!!

Connie B said...

Very nice!!