Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blogger Secret

Awww yeah!  Breakfast of champions!  Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll.  You know you would totally do it too…


There was coffee paired with that lovely thing…it was deeeelish!

Since breakfast and dinner the night before both involved baked treats I figured I’d better get some veggies on my lunch plate…


Nevermind that I matched those tomatoes with crispy bacon and smushed them together with light cheddar in a toasted sammich…


There’s carrots there too though!


Physiotherapy update:  You guys will be thrilled to know that it seems there may be far less discussion about my sore bum from now on!  At today’s appointment I was given another exercise to work on and the go ahead to start reintroducing daily activity. Yay!  I’ve never been so excited about 20 minutes of walking. ;o)

I celebrated with peanut butter M&Ms I had leftover from the movies on Sunday…


For dinner I was out with a friend that doesn’t know I’m a food blogger.  It’s the first time in ages that I’ve encountered someone I am nervous to tell about it…I just get the impression that they wouldn’t “get it”.  Time will tell I suppose.

We hit up Fifth Street Bar & Grill where we sat right beside the fireplace.  How Wintery is that?!  Shared the flatbread with olive tapenade and I ordered their chicken fingers for my main…they are awesome and crunchy.  They came with fries so I asked them to make them into “house fries” with lemon juice and parmesan.  So good….but I floated home in a carb coma.


I’m turning this into a marathon length post…stay with me!

This morning I made sure to dig out a bigass coffee mug and get my smoothie ready to get me through my weekly conference call…


Lame-o smoothie in a hurry:  1/2 banana, ice, 1/2 packet chocolate Amazing Meal, flax meal, UVAB.  It tasted a bit like dirt.  LOL.

I made up for my lackluster breakfast by building a substantial healthy lunch…


Stir-fried leftover rice with broccoli, orange peppers, onions, garlic, red chili flakes and soy sauce.  Added my leftover chicken strip as protein.


For my 20 minute walk I bundled up with my red mittens and took the long route to Starbucks.  Grande reduced fat egg nog coffee misto. 


The first of many this season I’m sure!

About 20 minutes after I got home from my (pain free!) walk my building’s freaking fire alarm went off.  Stoopy and I were not impressed with having to wait outside in the cold.  Grrrr.

I warmed up with a heated ooey gooey cinnamon bun. :)


Since I am holding off on buying groceries until after my birthday festivities this weekend dinner consisted of fridge finds. 

Cheese tortellini and tomato florentine sauce, with added steamed spinach…


Herby goat cheese melted in, parmesan sprinkled and baked on top…


I love fitting whole servings of veggies into an unsuspecting dish!


While cleaning out my pantry cupboard I dumped the last of my chia seeds into the coconut yogurt container.  Ended up becoming a late evening dessert…mixed with sliced banana and toasted pecans.  Yum!


Phew. Even I kind of lost interest in myself on this one!

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Anonymous said...

This is one long post! Of all the food items you shared today, I would most like to try that delish-looking sandwich.

I've often thought about food blogging but I never get around to it. Also a lot of my meals are quite hideous.

And finally, I'm really happy that your bum pain is lessening! I hope it stays that way.

sarah marie said...

Mmmm it all looks yummy! But what really has me salivating is that NOG! Hehe, going to have to attempt that cin. bun too.