Sunday, November 28, 2010

Brunch with a View

This weekend was supposed to be a girl’s weekend…a girl’s weekend away. Unforeseen circumstances and a fortuitous situation with our vacation rental led us to cancel, but we still wanted to spend some girly time together and planned a lovely brunch instead.

We took a trip up to the top of Chateau Victoria to Vista 18.


It was so nice to spend a few extra dollars to enjoy brunch somewhere other than one of Victoria’s 1001 diner style breakfast restaurants.


Since it wasn’t a normal Sunday out in my yoga pants I decided I shouldn’t just order my normal bacon and eggs.  Instead I opted for the West Coast Benny with Dungeness crab and chive hollandaise…


It was served with pan fries and fresh fruit…and I added a side of bacon (which was substantial!).  I barely made it through…leaving most of my potatoes behind.  Yum.


Afterwards a couple of the girls and I headed over to the same artisan fair I was at on Saturday.  Now that I’d been through, I knew exactly where I wanted to go back and buy things. :)  I’d like to say I was Christmas shopping but that would only be true if I said I was buying myself presents. :)

When we finished up there I ran a few more errands and then came home to rest my tired shoulders.  Far too much sitting at restaurant tables and browsing with heavy bags this weekend.  So glad I am officially going back to the gym this week!

With December 1st looming just a few days away I decided tonight would be a good time to festive-up the apartment.  No tree this year (I gave away pretty much all of my tree decorations and my old artificial tree when I moved) but green garland and lights went up on the deck!


I kept things Christmassy with Candy Cane Lane tea and fresh fudge from yesterday’s trip to the fair…


Dinner was another soul warming bowl of homemade chicken soup.  For a soup I threw together with no recipe I’m quite pleased.


And now…I see popcorn and a made for TV Christmas movie in my future.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. :)

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Laura said...

your decorations are simple yet effective. love it!

Jessica said...

YOU FOUND candy cane lane tea? OMG. I've been hoping for this for 2 years ( I couldn't find it last year)!

Sounds like a lovely time!