Friday, November 05, 2010

Burnt Nuts

What do you get when you make breakfast before coffee?

Burnt Nuts!

While toasting the walnuts for take two of the coconut yogurt, banana, date, walnut dish I totally got side-tracked and came back to find my nuts were extra toasty.  Whooooops.  They were salvageable though so into the bowl they went!


With a side of coffee and a side of Mr. Stoopy.


Just shortly after Skype messaging with my friend Michelle about packages we sent each other the postman buzzed.  His ears must have been burning because he showed up with her package!


Michelle was one of the friends I was supposed to visit Vegas with last month when I had to cancel because of my bum pain. She also collects Starbucks city mugs and had brought me this one from San Jose…so she sent it along via post instead.


The collection is growing so fast!!

Lunch was a quick fix made up mostly of items from the fruit bowl that needed to be eaten.  Tomato & cheeeesey toast with a side of Asian Pear.


Afternoon sugar buzz…


So here is a questionYam or Sweet Potato?


I have always referred to the pinkish orange one as the Sweet Potato, and the yellowish ones as Yams.  I’m 99% sure that is what I was taught as a grocery cashier a lifetime ago.


In Halifax I never really saw the so-called yams around and always bought sweet potatoes…but they were often labelled as yams in the store.  My friend Sarah and I haggled about this differentiation more than once.

Last week I bought these babies and they were labelled the opposite of my beliefs.  They say the pinkish orange ones are yams.  I disagree.

What do you say?

Either way I still call these Sweet Potato Chips…


Sliced thin, tossed with a smidge of olive oil and sprinkled with coarse salt.  Thanks to Martha Stewart I knew to cook these at 400 degrees for about 20ish minutes, flipping half way.


Perfect scooping devices for the turkey chili I pulled from the freezer.  Nom.


Spent another night out on the town for beers with a friend.  These social weeknights are taking their toll on this gal.  I’m pooped!

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natalie said...

i work in a supermarket and we call the orange ones sweet potato and the light ones are yams...
but now im all confused...

Lady J said...

Here's a link I found that should help clear things up re: sweet potatoes and yams.

Shrinking Jen said...

Burnt Nuts. Haha! Best post title ever!!

Carol said...

I'm with you...Orange = Sweet Potato and Yellow = Yams.

And one must never do anything before coffee. Except maybe sleep...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Stoopy! I love tomato and cheese and bread. Such a magic combination.

How do you have cupboard space for all those mugs? ;o)