Sunday, November 28, 2010

Coffee Crafts Cocktails

Saturday morning my friend Laura and I made plans to meet for coffee and a chat at what might be my new favourite little coffee spot…The Parsonage Cafe / Fernwood Coffee Company. I’ve actually been there once before but for some reason never blogged about it…I should have because my latte was perfection and the quiche was to die for.

This weekend I ordered up another fabulous latte…complete with coffee art…


For food I opted for a simple sesame bagel with cream cheese…


And they offered me homemade preserves…I chose strawberry rhubarb.


When we finished up our coffees we decided to hit up a couple of the local Christmas fairs.  A small craft fair followed by a large artisan fair.  We kept our blood sugar up with samples of antipasto and organic chocolate while we wandered.

No Christmas prezzies were purchased but I did walk out with a knit neck warmer for myself…um, and fresh fudge. :)

After we went our separate ways I headed to the mall to cross a few errands off my list.  While I was there I decided I might as well pick up a bag of Starbucks Christmas Blend and since I used my registered card I received a tall reduced fat egg nog latte at no charge.  ho ho ho!


Spelled my name right!

Back at home I was very glad for the homemade chicken soup in my refrigerator. A bagel and coffee definitely wasn’t enough food for the day!


After a few hours of relaxing on the couch it was time to head out for a couple of casual cocktails with my friend Nicole at Clive’s Classic Lounge.  I opted to enjoy our visit and skip playing food paparazzi for the night.  The cocktails and company were worth the break from the camera. :)

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Laura said...

i wish starbucks did eggnog here, we get horrible flavors like creme brule which is SICKLY sweet