Thursday, November 04, 2010

Family Jules

Yesterday seemed to be a mad dash all day long.  Well as much of a mad dash as can be with a bad hip. :)

Typical of all Wednesdays my day started out with a conference call.  Instead of trying to sneak off my headset for a second cup of coffee I just poured the whole Bodum-full into my Ireland mug.


So big you can’t even read it.

After the call it was time for breakfast. I headed into the kitchen to make oatmeal but when I opened the fridge I spotted the Liberte Coconut Yogurt and couldn’t resist.  Then I saw the big container of fresh dates on the counter.  We have a match!


Coconut, chopped fresh date, sliced banana and warm toasted walnuts.


Hell yes. Soooo good! 


Pretty decent staying power too.  It was ages before I thought about lunch.  After a while I thought I should probably eat even if just to make sure I’d digested before heading to my afternoon massage appointment.

Enchilada fixings make excellent salads!  In the big silver bowl: fresh spinach, black beans, tomatoes, orange peppers, shredded chicken breast, shredded cheese, salsa and sour cream.


After hustling to get as much work done as possible, I headed off to see my friend Laura for a massage.  When I have seen her in the past she really understood the issues I’m having with my back and nerve pain so I knew she would be able to work around it without messing up my physiotherapy progress.

I just really needed my shoulders and neck worked on…everything has been devoted to my stupid pain in the ass for so long my upper body has been neglected.  I’d been sporting a headache for like 5 days!

Laura fixed me up fabulously. :)

I had to race home from my appointment to finish work, make and eat dinner, plus shower and redo my hair and make-up to head out for cocktails.  I had about 2 hours to accomplish this all.  Thankfully dinner was supah easy…


While my hair started to air dry and I tackled my last 20 minutes of work, I reheated another enchilada and steamed up some broccoli.  (And took time to freeze the remaining enchiladas…three days in a row is my max!)

Admittedly this plate moved to the bathroom counter and I ate as I blow-dried.  Managed to eat about half before I had to race out the door.


Couldn’t possibly be late for cocktails you know! :)

Two drinky-poos out on the town, then back home and tucked into bed with a midnight bowl of Kashi cereal to calm my hungry tummy.  I can’t sleep when my stomach is reminding me I didn’t finish my dinner.

Who’s watching Cougar Town?  Have you noticed how each week they add to the title of the show poking fun at their own stupid show name?  Love it!



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Shrinking Jen said...

Oh!! Must pay attention to the Cougar Town title! I just started watching it & modern family this year.

I neeeeed coconut Liberte now!!

Anonymous said...

Jason and I noticed the same thing about Cougar Town the other night too!