Saturday, November 20, 2010

Food Blogger Paradise

Check out what else was procured from Whole Foods and sitting in our hotel room refrigerator when I arrived…


I think maybe I’d been pretty adamant about getting my hands on some Chobani during my stint in the US. Smile

Obviously I had to dive right in for breakfast.  I’ll take pineapple Chobani for the win please!  With the juiciest pear evah.


Now that it was daylight I could actually see the view from our room.  Not too shabby!


Even though yesterday was a work day for both of us, while John was off at his meetings I hopped a cab and took a sojourn to food blogger mecca on my lunch break.  Trader Joe’s for realz!!


I had fun perusing the aisles picking up various non-perishable tasty treats to bring home.  My cupboards will be super excited. ha.  So far I’ve opted not to buy anything perishable…but let me tell you…the Pumpkin Ice Cream is calling me back!


My shopping fun didn’t take nearly as long as I suspected so I asked the nice TJ’s people to direct me to the nearest good coffee.  Just a block away I found Caffe Fiore


Beautiful organic coffee house with a “Seattle’s Best” designation in the window.  I ordered up a large non-fat latte…complete with coffee art (we all know how much I love a good latte design!)


Had to order up the organic pumpkin spice donut too!


I sat there sipping my latte and reading the paper for a bit before heading back to the room to finish work for the day.


After work we met up with friends for a couple of beers at a local brewpub, Dad Watson’s.  These friends were new to me so I kept my food blogger tendencies hiding in my purse…which is too bad because I enjoyed a couple of really good beers and…you won’t believe it…TATER TOTS!  Smile

If you’ve never deep fried your tater tots and dipped them in Ranch dressing you should! nom.

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Veggies, Cake & Cocktails said...

The pumpkin spiced donut looks amazing!

My husband and I bonded over tater tots during our dating days. They are the perfect food for dipping into sauces!

Connie B said...

AHHHHHH pineapple chobani!!! I will have to be on the lookout for that near me!

Kate said...

Even though the sun has set and it is the end of the day, your pictures make me want a nice, hot cup of coffee right now. Particularly a latte with a nice design. :) I might have to go grab a decaf somewhere.