Friday, November 12, 2010

Hopefully by now a few of you have heard about the recent launch of a new food lover’s website…!

“ is a website dedicated to all things food, and drink too.

We feature fabulous authors from across Canada (and the United States) writing about topics that interest a range of readers. Our authors include top chefs, food bloggers, restaurant critics, and ordinary folks writing about their experience with food."

I am one of the fabulous authors! Weeeeeee!! When I saw the tweets going out looking for interested food lovers, bloggers, and writers I answered in the hopes they would consider me. I have loved writing guest posts for other bloggers over the years and thought this would be a similar process and an excellent way to get involved in the community a little more. Super happy that I was able to join in!

My first post went up on the site’s third day. For my first time out I did cheat a little and used a popular recipe from my blog. Wanted to get my feet wet with something super yummy and easy to make! My second post coming up later this month is another favourite, except this time it’s sweet.  How’s that for honouring my message of balance?  One light and savoury, one sweet and decadent. Nice.

Make sure you pop by, check out all of the amazing things already posted, and stay tuned for fabulous things to come. I already have my eye on a delicious recipe to try and can’t wait to see what my fellow contributors have to offer.  I feel like such a little bloggy fish in a sea of foodie professionals!

foodie_ingredients_button I added a button ---> on my right hand navigation bar so feel free to click on through any time you like.

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Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Congrats Jaime!

Is it tricky to keep the content of your blog separate from your stuff? Are you allowed to reference your blog on your foodie posts?

Just curious! Have a great weekend!

Jaime said...

Thanks Debbie!

It's a wee bit tough because I want to write EVERYTHING on my blog but I will have to start saving a few ideas for sharing at

I can definitely reference my blog (and any other sources for that matter). It's all very community friendly. :)