Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Funny, isn’t it?

Booooo.  Insomnia has returned.  Monday night I was still glancing at my clock at like 2:30am.  Maybe it’s because I basically slept the day away on Sunday.  I don’t know, but I don’t like it!

Coffee was required to jump start my Tuesday…


I realized on my way out the door to meet my friend Julian for lunch that I hadn’t eaten breakfast.  Who am I?  It ended up working out because my empty tummy was happy to destroy a bigass bowl of soup!

Julian works downtown and frequents J&J Wonton Noodle House for his lunch hours.  J&J is basically a Victoria institution and it’s kind of a crime that I’ve never been there before.  Especially given my love for a good bowl of wonton soup!  So after talking about it for ages we finally made a lunch date.

Their menu is actually very extensive but I decided to stick with the basics for my first trip and ordered the Pork Wonton Noodle Soup.


So yummy!!  Often take-out wonton soup needs a kick in the flavour pants but no extras required here.  The pork filling was savoury with a bit of sweetness, the broth was flavourful but not salty, and the big pile ‘o noodles helped to fill my tummy to the brim. Nom.

Julian opted for one of the daily specials…a Szechuan Halibut Noodle Soup.  I expected it to be super spicy but the taste I had was super yum!  Zingy and a little sweet…and the fish was tender and deeeelish.  Maybe I’ll be more adventurous next time. :)


After lunch I was off to physio again.  Things are starting to look up…I have now been armed with an arsenal of spine stability exercises and spent another 20 minutes hooked up to the funny nerve zapper machine.  Exercise is still going to be a challenge but I’m not getting the “no-no” finger wag anymore!  Sadly, the toughest thing for me is still walking…so I can only imagine that most cardio is going to be aggravating…but at least I can go try this weekend.  Something is better than nothing, no?

The exit from the physio office literally leads me to have to use a Starbucks parking lot as a turn around.  I know, disaster right? :)  A quick stop for a coveted red cup was in order…


I don’t start celebrating Christmas until after my birthday but a little red cup action is always nice.  Tall, half sweet, non fat, vanilla latte.  Pumpkin season is over my friends. 


After snackie…plum.


Leftover enchilada for supper.  Reheated in the oven in a foil tent.


Super extra yummy on day two!


Dessert action…


I have been waiting for tea season…I’ve made a few evening cups over the last month or so but wasn’t really feeling them.  But last night a cup totally hit the spot…and kept me out of the cupboards.


It did not, however, help me sleep.  Insomnia night two.  Boooooo.

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Shrinking Jen said...

I love the holiday cup season!!

I hope sleep finds you soon.

I keep meaning to tell you I LOVE your centerpiece bowl!!!

Anonymous said...

I suggest swimming if you have a pool nearby. I think it helps because breaststroke sort of arches your back like a sloppy cobra. And no impact!

Laura said...

oh boy, i dont like the starbucks cup. its no christmasy enough

Anonymous said...

Is PSL season really over? I haven't had one yet!!!!