Thursday, November 18, 2010

Heading South

Don’t get excited…I’m only heading 2 hours South!  Nothing hot and sunny I’m afraid…just a quick weekend trip to Seattle. :)

Today I have been racing around like a madwoman.  I have a bad habit of not booking time off work when I probably should so I end up having to do my last minute stuff while I am working. Damn me and my committed work ethic!

Coffee served up a la Canada seemed appropriate…


And since I knew I wouldn’t have time to be making a big lunch I opted for a bigger than usual bowl of oatmeal.


In the pot:  oats, water, UVAB, diced Gala apple, cinnamon, vanilla and flax meal…


On top:  cinnamon, Craisins, toasted pecans, hulled hemp seeds, and brown sugar…


Supah filling.  It’s been 3 hours since I ate it and I’m just now picking at the leftover apple with peanut butter and a handful of almonds.


Also packed some snacks for the ferry and am about to run out for a latte to sip before boarding.  I’ve never taken the Victoria Clipper…I’m excited and worried at the same time.  I have heard horror stories about sea sickness and since I am prone to motion sickness…well, eeeeeeek.


I already warned my friend John that when he picks me up at the ferry he very well may be carrying my pukey arse to the hotel.  Yikes.  *cross your fingers!*  (Don’t worry, they sell Dramamine onboard!)

We have plans for a foodie paradise weekend as well as some touristy stuff and obviously a trip to Pike Place to get my hands on an SB mug. :)  I’m pretty stoked about my trip to a Trader Joe’s too!!  I’ve been writing up a list of things to look for, but I need you guys to help a girl out…

What should I add to my list?!! 


I’m still considering perishables…not sure about transporting them back but I have it on good authority that I can buy one of those insulated grocery bags so we shall see.  If there’s a Chobani section I will definitely figure out how to get it home!

Gotta run.  See you from Seattle!

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Conny @ Finding My Happy Place said...

Don't forget the coconut M&M's LOL
Have fun!! Maybe you could have a Pina Colada and pretend you are down south!

Laura said...

enjoy the trip lovely.

Angie All The Way said...

I throw the hulled hemp seeds right in the oatmeal near the end and I dont even notice them - that is unless you like them on top.

May I suggest you add Fage to your list for yogurt. It was actually my favourite on my "yogurt tour of America" :-P when we went to Old Orchard Beach. Also the coconut milk yogurt was BLEH! I tried the So Delicious one and didn't care for it at ALL.

Have a fun trip! Jealous you get to visit TJs!

Lady J said...

Mmmmm... I love hemp seeds in my yogurt or on my cereal. Yummer!jo

JavaChick said...

I take gravol every time I get on a ferry (I used to take Bonamine and prefer it but can't seem to find it anymore); I don't know for sure that I'll need it, but I can get motion sick in a car so I figure better safe than sorry.

I want to go to Trader Joe's.

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to go to Seattle! Have fun!

Kate said...

Now that I live in San Diego, I always enjoy drinking coffee from my Starbucks Chicago mug. (where I'm from). Brings back good memories of home.