Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kick the Cold

After being a sneezing mess at bedtime last night I was pleasantly surprised that I woke up feeling…well, not horrible.  Determined to keep the cold at bay I took my vitamins and bundled up with hot tea.

For breakfast I opted for some probiotics…in the form of organic yogurt…


Mixed with bananas, dates, and toasted pecans.  Opening that container of toasted pecans smells like heaven!


Some mini vitamin C…


Keeping with the lunch theme of the week I recreated the turkey, tomato, hummus and cheese quesadilla…and paired it with the leftover tomato soup.


Maybe it’s just childhood memories, but even homemade tomato soup doesn’t work the magic that Campbell’s does.  Thank you, subconscious. :)

During a break in the shiz weather we’ve been having I made a run out to get my errands done.  I had a bit of a drive so decided to get a hot coffee for the car…


How many extra hot egg nog mistos have I ordered over the last few years?  A bazillion?  Ya.  And today the barista hands it to me and states they can’t make it extra hot because it will cook the egg nog.  Um, WTF?  Since when?  It was crazy hot anyway so I don’t know what she was blathering on about!

I finished it off at home with the last of my Clif Kid Zbars.  Good thing I’m going to the states this weekend!

At dinner time I was still craving hot and sour soup, but since I don’t have even one ingredient necessary for that I decided that Thai Red Curry would have to do.


With fresh tomatoes, big shrimpies, and bamboo shoots.


I knew I froze that last batch of fresh basil for a reason!  Perfect addition to the curry.


Served over steamed brown rice.  It was all yummy but I felt like it was missing something.  Maybe a squeeze of lime?  I never did figure it out.


After dinner, some laundry, and a chat on the phone I sorted through all of the book suggestions I received and picked out my first three Kindle books.  Yay!


Keep the suggestions coming.  Hopefully this puts me in a reading mood and I’ll be blasting through books instead of TV shows.

Oh ya, and remember how I saved the Oh La La cupcake for a friend?  Um, well, I owe him a cupcake. :) 


I’ll say again that I’m super surprised how much I like Oh La La’s chocolate based cupcakes.  So moist and deeelish.  So good I even looked past that the icing was cherry….

And now to dive into the first box of Candy Cane Lane for the season.  Cozy good! 


It has healing properties, I swear!

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Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Your Thai food looks so good!

I didn't know you can only get those little Z-Bars in the States...good thing you live much closer to the border now. Do they have Trader Joe's in Washington State?

Hope you feel better...all that partying caught up to you (happy belated B-Day, BTW!).

Is it just me, or did someone swipe their finger through the icing of that cupcake before the photo was taken? :)

Take care

Laura said...

holy yum, your thai food looks incredible.

hopefully your cold goes away quickly!

Angie All The Way said...

Holy yummy sounding/looking quesadilla! Well, it all looks friggin amazing...

Q: how well does fresh basil freeze? Still yummy fresh flavour?

Nicolitta Von Breasticles said...

Aahh feel free to make that Thai soup at the end of the month for us yummy!!
Hey looks like we have the same covers for our kindles ... Ps I have around 200 books if you want I can load them on to a USB stick for you just so you have some random stuff to pick through when you are bored ;)

Paige said...

Glad you're beginning to feel better!
What a weird comment by the Sbux Batista...
Hope you feel 100% soon:)

Cat said...

I just finished Sarah's Key a few weeks ago....

It's good. Sad, but you kinda assume that from the subject manner.

Anonymous said...

You are going to enjoy the thirteenth tale - it's awesome. Sarah's Key is on my to-read list.

Hope you feel better!

Kate said...

my mouth is officially watering. it's time for me to sign off of your blog and come back another day. :)