Saturday, November 06, 2010

Little Thai Friday

More hilarious condo hijinks continue.  The tale of the unknown dripping noises in my bathroom has finally be solved.  But not before dragging me out of bed an hour early and then having no one show up!

Obviously I was so sleeeeepy I was hugging my coffee cup, whining on Twitter, and completely forgot to pick up my camera.  But trust me, I had coffeeeeee.

After discerning that no one was showing up, I made breakfast.


Oatmeal of champions:  oats, water, UVAB, flax, chia, and banana…topped with hemp seeds and natural peanut butter.

After a quick call to our management company, the plumbing folks apologized for the mess up and sent a (ahem, super cute) plumber my way.  He figured out right away that the leak was definitely coming from the unit upstairs…but alas I was the one that had to have the bigass hole cut in my ceiling.


Leaky pipe directly under the upstairs tub.  Good news is it’s a building issue so strata pays for everything.  Thankfully I haven’t reno’d my bathroom yet!  Now I just wait for them to patch the hole!

While he worked I made lunch.  Super duper deeeelish scramble!


Two eggs, black beans, orange peppers, green onions, salsa, cream cheese and a sprinkle of Tex Mex cheese.  OMG.  Creamy and filling.

Served up with toasted sprouted grain bread with a schmear more cream cheeeeese.


Once the cutie patootie had solved the leaky issues and packed up, I decided to head out for a hot drink.  I’d been cooped up all day and was actually freezing from having all of the windows open while he ran his torch.

Chilly weather switch up!  Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte.


What’s wrong with this picture?  mhmmmm….totally missing the NON FAT part.  Dear Starbucks, this is the third drink you’ve mussed up in two weeks.  Booooo.

My late Thursday night caught up with me after work and even though I had plans and ingredients to make a really cool homemade pizza I just couldn’t bring myself to stand in the kitchen and cook.  The thought of Thai food flitted through my head and I just couldn’t ignore it.


I called in a pick-up order to Little Thai Place and 20 minutes later I had a delicious bag of food all for me!

Yummy spring rolls.  I love the sweet dipping sauce…isn’t it always about the sauce?  There are two leftover in the fridge that may not make it through the lunch hour.


Speaking of sauce…the main reason for this meal was the Red Curry!  So deeeelish.  Little Thai Place fills theirs chock full of bamboo, Asian eggplant, red peppers, basil and I chose chicken as my protein.  Served over perfectly moist and sticky rice…I had two HUGE helpings!


It has been years since I tried any other Thai restaurant in Victoria.  This red curry never disappoints so why be different?! :)

After dinner I tucked into the couch with my Snuggie, my kitty, SATC2, and a mitfull or two of Swedish Berries.  The punishment for flitting around town on weeknights is a quiet Friday night in.  I was in bed by midnight, kicked insomnia to the curb, and slept fabulously.

Happy Weekend!

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H-woman said...

Insomnia sucks. Glad you had a good nap!



Anonymous said...

I had spring rolls the other night, after craving them for a few weeks - totally hit the spot! Love the sauce too! ;)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm.... I thought I was hungry, but this just pushed me over the edge! I thought I wanted the Indian food Alex's mom brought us... but now I want Thai!!