Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Loot from Mecca


Even Trader Joe’s reusable shopping bags are coolio…


A lot of foodie loot fit in that bag…


Items I have coveted on other bloggies…Sunflower Seed Butter and Crunchy Salty Almond Butter with Roasted Flaxseeds…


Flattened bananas!  I bought two!


Swirly healthy cereal…


Stuff I knew I wanted…Plantain Chips (the last bag I had lasted about 12 minutes)…and the uber-version of the much beloved Peanut Butter Pretzel…chocolate covered!


Things that just jumped in my basket, I swear!  Organic Mac & Cheese for half the price of any others I’ve seen up here…and pineapple salsa just sounds too fabulous to pass up.


TJs Xmas goodies were out in full force.  There is a cookie with chocolate AND mint AND cream filled center!!  And all natural jelly beans…


I hope these are good.  Egg Nog Cookies?!  Hellz yes.  Nom.


My visit down the “bar” aisle provided some yummy new finds.  Sadly no Carrot Cake Larabars or Pretzel Mojo bars.


A whole lotta snacky nonsense going on.  But snacky nonsense that cannot be found on this side of the border.  That makes it all OK, eh.


My stockpile has been stashed in the cupboard.  That almond butter doesn’t stand a chance though.

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Christy said...

Wooty!! Great haul!! I can't wait to get down there :)

Laura said...

when i go over there next, oh boy, i'm sooooo excited

Kate said...

I love TJ's. I love their Vegan trail mix cookies! They are amazing. All my non-vegan friends love them too. They're soft and chewy and highly addictive.

have a great thanksgiving!

Lady J said...

Hello Ms. Eggnog Girl,

I have some Eggnog Tea for you when you come to visit... :o)

Mama Nog xox