Sunday, November 21, 2010

No Eat Til Brooklyn

Wow.  I’m obviously tired and mildly delirious…coming up with a title like that. It was a fun but exhausting weekend in Seattle.  After my 6am wake-up call, my 8am ferry, and my random uncomfortable sleep on the ferry I now have 9,876 posts to catch up on!

Rewinding back to Friday night…  With the bazillion restaurants to chose from in Seattle we sort of haggled back and forth before deciding to honour our friend Michelle’s suggestion that we "HAD” to try out The Brooklyn – Seafood, Steak, and Oyster House.


After the last time the three of us were together for a delicious dinner which included fresh oysters, she wanted us to try some more. So we did!

We took a quick peek at the oysters on ice when we arrived at the restaurant…then after reading descriptions and speaking with our server we chose three varieties. Kushi (BC), Kummamoto (California), and Sisters Point (Washington).


Just like last time…I have learned that actually prefer the larger varieties.  I always thought I really only liked the little Japanese ones due to texture, but I’m wrong. The Sisters were AMAZING…sure they were the largest but the texture was firm and the taste was sooo smooth and deeeelish.  I was pretty in love with the freshly grated horseradish they offered too. 

The Brooklyn’s wine list was fairly extensive, mostly Pacific Northwest based, and incredibly reasonably priced.  Something called a Claret caught my eye because it was a 2004…seemingly the oldest option on their red list. 


Our waiter read us the bottle description…”Bordeaux style..Cab Sauv…Cab Franc…”  SOLD!  It was very good.

We did share a glass of Washington state white while we enjoyed our oysters.  Smart suggestion by our waiter. :)


One day we will enjoy a meal together where we don’t stuff ourselves over the top.  This is what happens when you let food lovers get together for meals!  John opted for the NY Peppercorn and I ordered the Filet Mignon.  Both dishes came with horseradish sour cream whipped potatoes and delicious truffled onion rings…and since I didn’t get asparagus with mine, I stole half of John’s. :)


You know that every last bite of those potatoes were cleared from my plate.  My perfectly cooked steak however didn’t fare as well and we had it packed up to take back to the hotel.  (Sadly I never did get to finish it…we had too many food destinations planned for this short trip!)

Since I have a very strict rule about ordering Crème Brule any time I find it on a menu we did make room for dessert.  I was immediately happy and knew it would be good when it arrived served in a wider flatter dish…giving an excellent ratio of the top crust!  That is key!


It was one of the best I’ve had.  Ever.  I think (I did drink a lot of wine!). :)

So…Michelle…you were right!  We owe you one.  Next time you have to come with us!!

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Laura said...

those potatoes, omg, i want some. they look incredible

Lady J said...

Well, that was definitely a meal to die for... figuratively speaking of course!! *drool*


itsybitsyknitsy said...

Now I'm gonna have that song in my head all day!
looks yummy though!