Friday, November 26, 2010

One Two Three

A few things of note that just haven’t fit into any blog posts lately…

1)  CSN Stores contacted me MONTHS ago about doing a review.  It was in the midst of the break-up and prepping for my Colossal Cross Country Road Trip so I never got the chance to take them up on their offer.  I meant to do it as part of my housewarming, but here we are and I still haven’t acted on it.

Now is the time!  CSN Stores is made up of 200+ online stores offering pretty much anything you can think of.  I’ve been totally distracted by the Cookware sections but I am now leaning towards maybe trying to find something unique for my apartment from the Art section or maybe I will get sucked into the Holiday Decorations.  Hmmm…but maybe getting one of these new luggage sets would help push me to save up for a real vacation! OMG, the choices!!


2)  I cannot believe I never showed you guys this cool as hell addition to my Starbucks mug collection (yes, I am aware the collection is getting large!).  My friend Nicole recently went to Germany and while there she asked if I would prefer a Germany mug or a Berlin mug.  I opted for Berlin because that is the city where her visit actually took place.  When she went back to get the mug they were sold out. :(  But…that ended up working out because she got this instead…


Mini collector set including both mugs. Loves it!


3)  Every year I usually cash my Air Miles in to buy a few gift cards to help with Christmas shopping.  I never really have enough to buy anything substantial but it always help the pocketbook to some degree.  Due to my big move and all household related expenses making their way through my MasterCard this year I actually accumulated enough to buy something for myself.  I don’t have enough for an iPod Touch like I wanted but I do have enough for a food processor! :)

My choices…

Although the 12 cuppers are appealing I am sort of leaning towards the smaller 7 cup. It’s not like I require daily use of a food processor and I can’t think of even one time this past year (or more!) where I made anything that made me wish I had one that big.  But…since it’s technically free my gut is saying maybe I should just go big or go home.


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Amy said...

I have a 7 cup one, and its perfect.

Even for colossal projects!

Laura said...

I've been waiting for ages to get a food processor, and everyone tells me to get a Cuisinart instead of a Kitchenaid. I guess that means 12-cup!

Mikey said...

I still don't understand what they're for.. they can't hold much liquid. I bought ang a hand held chopper thing (to go along with her kitchen aid mixer) and she likes it for soup & stuff..