Thursday, November 25, 2010

Trying for Snow

After Monday’s incredible wind and snow storm – Snowmaggedon! – I woke up yesterday to a completely clear day.  Not a drop of white stuff. I was oddly disappointed…I think the Halifax Winters rubbed off on me!

Being Wednesday I grabbed a simple breakfast for during my conference call.  Chobani and banana.  There was of course coffee too.


Stoopy helped to ensure the container was clean.


Lunch was leftovers from my dinner out Tuesday evening.  The salad was still fresh and super crispy…and I had extra dressing packed up for dipping the cukes and tomaters.


Served up with crack hummus…and I finally opened the box of Mary’s crackers I bought like 3 weeks ago.


After lunch I got a chill.  Maybe eating yogurt and salad once Winter has hit isn’t the coziest of ideas?  Tea took care of that.


A mid afternoon swim in the almond butter jar…


And a late afternoon snacky-poo to tide me through the evening…mini Mandarins, dates, and chewy oatmeal cookies leftover from my last TJs gift package…


After work I bundled up against the cold and made the 15 minute walk over to Ingmarie and Alex’s for some chitchat and cocktails.  I had hoped by leaving my car at home I might convince the snow to come for my walk home, but no luck.

Alex made us drinks that warmed us from the inside and his sister showed up with homemade chocolate chip meringues…so delicious.  I then walked back home and decided to heat up a late night bowl of leftover soup.

I couldn’t resist the warmth and spice of the broth and dumplings calling me from the refrigerator…


And would you look at the lovely hand made gifts from Ingmarie.  As if she hasn’t spoiled me enough since I returned to town but she had belated birthday gifties for me too.  :)  Such a talented friend I have.


I just want to stuff that bowl to the brim with fluffy white rice!

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Jessica said...

wow that bowl is so so beautiful!! Coming from a bowl lover!! :)

Also where is the recipe for that dumpling soup!!!!!! yum!

Jaime said...

The soup came from a local restaurant. I only wish I could figure out the recipe!

Mikey said...

Did stoopy have a ring of yogurt around his head?

Laura said...

your friend is very talented, beautiful earrings.

Carol said...

Would you like some of our snow?! I'd be more than happy to send it your way...granted, it also came with -18 to -40 temps!!! I do have to thank you for "snowmaggedon" (that made me laugh!) because when it rains and snows on you and Funcouver, that means a Chinook is on it's way to us...+2 this afternoon!
The soup did look delish, and I love trying to figure out the recipe to make it at home. Have had some very happy mistakes happen that way.