Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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I have just returned from yet another yummy meal out where I totally ate too much. One of these days I need to relearn how to listen to my body. Since losing the ability to regularly workout I have unintentionally learned how to compensate with overeating. This does not make for a healthy balance.

Yesterday started out with fabulous intentions (as all Mondays do, right?) even though outside looked like this…


I really had intended on trying to make a trip to the gym to start on my limited amounts of cardio.  But I woke up to a power outage and tweets-galore about how ridiculous traffic was because of the storm.  So instead I drank coffee…


Made banana date pecan oatmeal…


Snacked on mini oranges…


And hydrated with warm herbal tea…


Leftovers helped make dinner healthy in a hurry.  Chicken and gravy on a toasted bagel, served with leftover roasted veggies and a fresh batch of roasted broccoli and carrots.


The bagel was awful and the broccoli was worse.  Not sure what went wrong other than maybe they were both older than I recollect.

After dinner my friend Marcus came by to help me move my Winter tires from my storage locker to my car.  We braved the utterly awful wind just long enough to load the tires then ran back in for warmth and comfort.  He brought belated birthday chocolates and hot chocolate (apparently he didn’t get my “it’s Monday and I’m trying to be healthy” memo!).


Four chocolates are missing.  He ate ONE.  Bloody hell. Then I wrestled with another bout of insomnia and ate half a box of Multigrain Wheat Thins around 1am.  How to you break a snacking in bed habit?  This one is new to me and I struggle every night!

Today was another new day.  Insomnia left me feeling lethargic and mopey this morning but I had a car appointment to get to…which forced me out into the fresh air.  I even opted to walk the 20 minutes to home. :)  Sporting my fave toque and fuelled by coffee along the way of course…


See how that’s a venti?  Go big or go home apparently.

Breakfast was healthy and fabulous. Strawberry Chobani I carted home from Seattle with banana and Kashi Honey Almond Flax.


When I got hungry for a snack I cracked open the first of my Trader Joe’s loot…Almond Butter.  But not just any AB…the highly touted crack version featuring toasted flax seeds and roasted almond chunks.  Holy heck.


Multiply that dish by like three and then count licking the spoon. Yum.

Lunch was a carby affair that I like to call Leftover Mashup.  Leftover roasted chicken mixed with leftover red curry…tossed with penne.


Tried to walk it off with a trek back to the shop to pick up my car…but didn’t make it past Starbucks without another egg nog misto in my hand.  Can we say addict?

All of that alone would have been fine followed by a light and healthy dinner, but nooooo I had to decide to invite Tiffaney out for dinner (all in the name of next month’s foodie.ca post) and totally overdo it.

Mixed fries…chipolte mayo.


Look! Healthy salad! Ignore the creamy feta dressing.


Chicken soup.  Giant chicken soup.  With rice dumplings.  Extra giant rice dumplings. 


And here I sit with a full tummy and chicken soup bobbing in my eyeballs!

Maybe tomorrow will be the day.  At least there are only two dumplings left in the soup.


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liane said...


those are my favourites! :)

Ingmarie said...

Those fries look scrumptious! You'll have to tell me where u went ;)

Cat said...

That all looks delish.

Lainey said...

Snacking in bed...hmmm...I don't like to do it because of crumbs. Crumbs are icky and uncomfortable. Plus, what if your apartment building gets mice or something? Could happen. Then what if they go looking for Good Eats in your bed?

I'm just tryin' to help. :D

You have stormy weather? We just have cold. Yesterday we were supposed to be among the coldest places on Earth. Brrr.

I like your toque.

Mikey said...

Yes, those fries do look fantastic! Ferris's?

Anonymous said...

I also have a snacking in bed problem. The only way I've been able to stop is to eat NOTHING in bed, ever. Only drinks (tea, coffee, water, coffee, wine, whatever) allowed.