Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Back to Basics

December 1st! All bets are off…Christmas decor may now run freely through the blogosphere! :)


How stoked was I to open my Christmas boxes and find I do indeed still own a Starbucks Christmas mug? :)  Filled with coffee and egg nog of course.

Wednesday morning meeting breakfast on the run.  Peach Chobani, Kashi bar, Gala apple.


*drumroll please*

After what has seemed like years (but was in reality about two months) I finally got back on the workout train today.  My physio told me at my last visit to give it a whirl and just do what feels right, so to make sure I was covering all of my bases and choosing appropriate exercises I set up an appointment with Tia today. 

She wrote me up a list of exercises to cover all muscle groups and we did a short run through of each one to make sure my back wasn’t going to scream out loud at me.  I didn’t collapse so I’ll take that as a good sign!  Tomorrow it’s back to the gym to start actually using that $50/month membership! 

When we finished up I headed straight home to make lunch.  Chicken Salad on Salad. :)


I grilled up a few non-marinated pieces of chicken breast last night while I was making dinner.  Chopped those up and added chopped apple, celery, toasted pecans, Craisins, lemon juice and olive oil mayo.

Served over mixed greens tossed with EVOO and lemon juice…


With Mary’s Crackers for scooping and crunching.


Before heading out to meet Ingmarie for our evening plans I snacked on the last piece of flattened banana. 


Remember when you were a kid and wrapped fruit rollups around your fingers?  um, just me?

As soon as I finished work for the day I packed up James Dean and headed down to the waterfront to meet Ingmarie to visit The Festival of Trees and grab dinner and drinks.

I love the legislature at Christmas…


I am still sorting through my photos from the decorated trees…probably requires a post all to themselves. :)  We had fun walking through and seeing the different themes the sponsoring companies had chosen this year.  Some teams really put a lot of thought into it!

Then we were off for cocktails and a bite to eat at Clive’s Classic Lounge. (Yes, again…I should just move in to Chateau Victoria at this point.)

I had heard tell of some sort of warm and deeelish cocktail brewing so that’s what I just had to have.  Spiced Irish Cider (seasoned apple cider spiked with Irish whiskey and other deliciousness)…


Ingmarie ordered a Classic Negroni and I loved her little glass…


Since I had James Dean toting around in my purse anyway I decided I might as well take dinner pictures this time too…I went with the Lemon Chicken Sandwich which is stacked on fresh sourdough with tomatoes, basil and brie. 


With fries on the side…


The bread was super fresh and chicken was really moist and just slightly lemony…quite delicious.  I might like it better toasted though so the brie would be all melty….ooooooh. ;)

As I finished up my sandwich I decided on something a little bubbly to sip.  Ginger liqueur topped with sparkling wine.  Had quite the bite to it!


After some girl time and chit chat we headed for home…with maybe a pit stop for shopping along the way. Time for pj’s and tea me thinks.


24 days and counting…



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Laura said...

let xmas posts begin i say too. LOVE your starbucks mug..

i nearly bought a chocolate countdown but couldnt find dark chocolate!

Laura said...
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