Thursday, December 02, 2010


Today I required a mini power breaky. Almond butter on Squirrelly toast with supah ripe banana and honey.


With coffee of course.


OK fine.  It doesn’t look much different than most breakfasts but I was excited to call it a power breakfast for…wait for it…my trip to the gym!

It was back to almost beginner status for me but I will take what I can get.  20 minute treadmill walk followed by one set of lower body strength training and very basic core work.  I admit I was mildly terrified that my back would revolt on my first day…but I’m happy to report that so far I’m alrighty!

Leftovers for lunch. Yesterday’s chicken salad rolled up in a couple of wraps with greens.  I love chicken salad!


Followed by a handful of mini mandarins…


Afternoon pick me up…egg nog misto…


And egg nog cookies!  Good thing it’s a relatively small box and these aren’t horrendous on the nutrition scale because they are REALLY GOOD.


After work I had a bunch of household chores to take care of so I was happy for another round of leftovers for dinner.  Broccolini, rutabega, and Honey Soy Chicken.


Laundry complete. Vacuuming complete. Recycling out.  And I just popped my December 2nd advent chocolate…


Now it’s time for some Christmas cards and A Christmas Story


And maybe a few more of those egg nog cookies. nom. ;)


“You’ll shoot your eye out!”

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