Thursday, December 09, 2010

Buddha Bowl

How many of you struggle with breakfast?

I don’t mean what to eat or actually eating it, but more being ready to eat it early in the day. Generally I don’t eat until at least an hour after I get up and often it’s more like a couple of hours. Especially if I have coffee to occupy me (which is basically always!). Personally I don’t think it’s a big deal because I don’t eat my meals at scheduled times so I can still space them out at proper intervals…but some days it does bite me in the arse.

Like today. I had to hit the gym earlier than usual and when I went to get ready shortly after 11am I realized I hadn’t eaten anything yet.  Can’t very well workout on a totally empty stomach so I quickly put together my egg and toast…


Over medium on Squirrelly toast…with half a banana and a couple of fresh dates.


I waited as long as I could to digest then headed off for my workout. Cardio today on the Cybex…a new to me machine. It’s sort of a combo elliptical / stair climber. I like it but wish it had a slightly longer stride.  After my cardio warm up I tackled my second lower body workout followed by another ab session.

Things are going very well with the lower body exercises so I feel confident that next week I can bump up from one set to two without totally pissing my body off. :)

Back at home I was hungry for lunch right away.  I promise this is the last you see of the leftover Chicken and Veggie Soup!  All gone.


I am completely smitten with this fabulous bowl I picked up at the artisan fair a few weekends ago. I’m sure I have seen Buddha Bowls around blogland at some time and when I saw them for sale I just had to have one.


The top picture is a more accurate portrayal of the colour…it’s kind of a mossy teal. 


It fits perfectly in my hand (I tried a few and this one was built jusssst riiight!)… you just have to be careful when you soup is super hot. :)


After lunch I snacked on a sad looking Nanaimo Bar.  I’m so disappointed in how they look!  But they are still yummy.


Dinner tonight was a belated birthday meal with my friend Julian.  Yes, I know my birthday was three weeks ago.  It’s the occasion that keeps on giving!  hehe. :) 

We visited a local Pan Asian restaurant, Cafe Ceylon. For our first time there I decided to leave the paparazzi at home but I’ve already told Julian we need to go back during the day when the light is good so I can take photos and blather on to you guys about it!

I opted for the Sri Lankan Traditional Dinner - Ceylon curried chicken accompanied by red dhal and spinach sauce, spicy coconut sambal, turmeric basmati rice and vegetable temperadu.  Don’t ask me to explain any of that.  All I can tell you is that it was beautifully presented, hearty, and deeeeelish.

We also shared some Coconut Roti with dipping sauces for an appetizer and Vattalapam - Traditional Sri Lankan jaggery pudding made with coconut milk, palm sugar, cashew nuts, raisins and savory spices for dessert.  The Roti was awesome…the pudding was very flavourful but the texture was a teeny bit weird…

The thing that caught me about the restaurant though was that we were the ONLY people there. We arrived right when they opened for dinner at 5:30 and no other clientele came in until one other couple arrived around 7:30 when we were just finishing up.  This place is a gem…Victoria people you need to go try it! 

Pleasantly full from dinner I have spent the evening tackling more Christmas cards and sipping tons of water. I did bust out today’s advent chocolate…


…which I can actually identify!  Holly?  I think.

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AndreaClaire said...
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AndreaClaire said...

I got a buddha bowl for Christmas last year: love it! Mine also has a little cut out for chopsticks so anything soupy or noodle-y goes in it. I think the other bowls are jealous.

Love Cafe Ceylon. It is busier on the weekend, but I agree that more people need to discover it because it's awesome!

*Reposted for atrocious spelling error*

JavaChick said...

Breakfast is hard for me as I am not a morning person and I don't tend to feel like eating right away. I find it does make it hard to figure out what to eat because food is unappealing. The only thing that really appeals to me first thing in the morning is coffee. :)

Laura said...

I haven't been to Cafe Ceylon in a couple of years; I was underwhelmed on the first few visits, but maybe it's time to try again!