Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Dinner

Finally! Turkey day at our house!


You may remember from last year our family does Turkey Dinner on Boxing Day instead of Christmas Day. This gives room for my Mom and I to relax between the hectic night of the family gift opening and the day of cooking…and also gives other members of our family the opportunity to celebrate with their in-laws as well.

Mom does the majority of the work (like stuffing and prepping the big ol’ bird) but I pull the bread for stuffing and prep all of the veggies (except for peeling spuds because Mom is a whiz and for some reason I am not).


I am however in charge of my Nana’s Cabbage & Apple Salad.


Oh, and I picked the wine. A BC Riesling by Gray Monk. Dry with a sweet finish.


After a bit of turkey roasting drama…we had a bit of a leaky pan situation and lost a lot of our pan juices…we had ourselves a very moist and tasty bird! My Uncle Barrie did the carving honours…


As always our meal also included mashed potatoes, mashed carrots & turnips, Brussels sprouts, sausage & onion stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy.


I went for round two on the stuffing and potatoes. Nobody whips a potato like my Mom. Good old fashioned elbow grease that I just don’t possess!

Our pumpkin pie may be store bought but you could have fooled me.  This was probably in the Top 5 of the best pumpkin pies I’ve ever had. 


Bailey’s coffee with whip cream completed the meal. Because you know, we all needed an extra shot of sugar to assist in the post-meal crash.


My Uncle Colin provided after dinner entertainment with Lizzie the Cat. Cutey patootie.


I’m now nursing a turkey baby belly and loving every minute of it. NOM!

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