Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cozied Up

Not a lot to say today. I know, you are shocked.

Woke up absolutely starving.  Made toast immediately.


Outside was a disgusting downpour. I was cold and drank three cups of coffee.


Eventually I decided I’d better eat some fruit.


I cleared off the dining table and cleaned up the kitchen. After that I was too lazy to make a real lunch so I piled some stuff on a plate.


Leftover tuna, pickles, carrots and Mary’s crackers.


Followed by today’s advent treat.


I blame the weather for my lack of desire to do much of anything today. What to-do list?  What trip to the gym?

Thankfully there are leftovers from the dinner I made on Sunday but never blogged about.  Beef and broccoli.


Another lazy cheat. This packet worked in a pinch but I really recommend finding an actual recipe and making your own sauce.


Served over brown rice with a dash of sesame oil.


After dinner I actually fell asleep watching useless TV…which I fear does not bode well for my bedtime. When I woke up I made tea and got to work on my next foodie.ca post. I may have had to sample a cookie or two during the photo shoot…I don’t do these things for free you know!


A job that pays in cookies. Yoikes. Could you imagine?

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Lynn @ The Style Diaries said...

Love the shot of the snowflake decoration, looks great!

Lainey said...

Well, if you get tired of those cookies, you could, y'know, send them my way. :D

They look yummy!

Laura said...

your set up is adorable, i love the celebrate napkin

Tamara said...

Hey, that foodie.ca is a cool site. Those cookies looks delicious and I love the photo too.

I think I'll make some of these. I've got the baking bug. I've made Peanut Butter Ginger Snaps and Maple Spiced Candied Nuts in the last two days and tomorrow is lemon square. Ask me if I'm eating everything??? The answer is no! Yay me.