Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Cheer

I spent my weekend with good friends and good food.

Saturday night potluck at the other Jamie and her hubby’s…


That wasn’t even the half of it. We had three times too much food!


Sunday evening was Ingmarie and Alex’s annual Gingerbread House party. I stuffed myself full of many varieties of cheeeese and a most excellent seven layer dip.  And candy….oooooh the candy!


My house this year…


I was a little over zealous with the icing while trying to get my roof to stay on.  Ingmarie rescued me with a melted chocolate solution.  Yum!

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Jessica said...

You have such fun friends!!! I have tried to plan fun holiday stuff like this, with no one interested!! Boo!!

Love your little house though and that spread is a foodie paradise!

Jenny said...

What a great idea for a party! Looks like you had a great weekend (and very delicious) :)

Anonymous said...

I am going to crash the next party you or your friends throw and eat ALL THE THINGS. That is all.

Laura said...

omg, sooooo much food & your gingerbread house, holy yums!

Anonymous said...

My little fur-baby looks rather stunned!

Ali said...

Looks like so much fun! and your house turned out super cute :)

Lainey said...

1. What an adorable cat! So pretty!

2. Seven-layer dip is the best thing evah!

3. I'm going to join Vanessa in her evil plan!